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Degrees of Separation and Business   This article talks about the ways in how kindness can positively impact a business, specifically how it should be at the foundation of the overall brand of that business. The idea is that when kindness is employed in all aspects of the business it can collectively create an atmosphere where the workers put […]

Why Third Parties Can’t Rise in the U.S.

We’ve been talking in class about how there is no perfect voting system that convert individual preferences into a community-wide ranking. Naturally, one might start to think about the voting system present in the United States, and how that has impacts on our representation and preferences. Specifically, how the voting system we have in place […]

Why small groups of vaccine refusers can make large groups of people sick

In recent years, the number of parents in America refusing to vaccination their children has increased. The result is an increased number of outbreaks of diseases like the chickenpox and the measles. One example of this outbreak is the recent chickenpox outbreak at a private school called Waldorf. The vaccine refusal rate is about 19 […]

Broda Count – How Should We Make a Choice? There are often many choices one can make in life, since it is impossible to select all the choices that vary in scope and field. This is especially prominent in a group, where some people may really want a certain choice while others don’t really like those choices, while still others are not sure. […]

Network Diffusion – The Ice Bucket Challenge

The phenomenon that I am going to be talking about is going to be the Ice Bucket Challenge that went ‘viral’ a few years ago. The two articles I will be referencing are “Ice Bucket Challenge: 5 things you should know” by Amanda Trejos and “Here’s How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Actually Started” by […]

Analyzing the “Kimchi Premium” in the Lens of Tipping Point Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was first introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a digital currency that can be transacted without the control of central banks. The coins are generated when a block of chains is mined, and the price of a Bitcoin fluctuates depending on the supply and demand of the […]

Dancing With the Stars Doesn’t Need to End — But Its Popularity Contest Does   In this opinion article from TV Line, Rebecca Iannucci expresses disappointment in Bobby Bones’ victory in the recent season of Dancing With the Stars, believing that “the show rewards popularity over dance skill.” Iannucci notes a frequent pattern where contestants who have less-than-stellar dancing skills, but also have “large, passionate, eager-to-vote fanbases,” tend to […]

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