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Why Not Make My Own Meme?

After listening to the guest lecturer Lada, I learnt factors influencing cascades, the behaviors of social networking sites, and most importantly, the spread of memes. Memes, in current society, is “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially […]

The Snapchat Effect

Individuals use social signals to influence their decision making, and often this kind of ‘follow the crowd’ behavior leads to information cascades. As the driving force behind many consumer preferences, information cascades often demonstrate a positive relationship with commercial popularity. One article titled, “Why Snapchat is so much more Popular Among youth than Adults” suggests […]

The Intended-Unintended Debacle: Audi’s early 90s PR crisis analyzed in Network Effects   In 1984, German car manufacturer was on the rise in the U.S. soil: Audi sales had shot up 48 percent on the strength of their new aerodynamic 5000, the latest hot weapon in the perpetually-escalating suburban driveway status war. However, lesser expected was the fact that Audi would withdraw from North American market […]

Entitlement –> Breaking Rules

Article Link:   The article above is titled, “Why Entitled People Will Disregard Rules That Others Follow.” Written by Douglas LaBier, this short article introduces a recent study that looks into why certain people who feel “entitled” often do not make decisions based on how others in the society behave. The writer begins the article […]

Robbers Cave: the Network of Intergroup Conflict

In 1954, Muzafer Sherif and Carolyn Wood Sherif conducted a social psychology experiment where 22 eleven- and twelve-year old boys were brought together in to examine the effects of intergroup conflict. All the boys were from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and most importantly, had never met before. In the first stage, the boys were split up into […]

Marketing w/ Network Effects: Pocket Points Cornell Daily Sun Pocket Points is an app made to encourage students to stay off their phone during class and while studying on campus. While the app is open and the user’s phone is locked, the user earns points. Then, these points will can be redeemed for discounts and gifts. Pocket Points takes a […]

Price, Rating, And Popularity On The Blackberry App Store

Apps on the app store are strongly subjected to the market effects of popularity and tend to rely heavily on trends and peer pressure. While the market for Blackberry devices has greatly diminished to a niche population, the app store for their devices tends to have similar offerings as some of the bigger App Stores […]

Information Cascade Experiment by the Virginia University

Paper Link: This is a lab report by Virginia University to explore how people follow the information cascade in reality. It starts to offer a definition of “information cascade” that “when the information implied by early decisions outweighs any one person’s private information” (Anderson and Holt, 1). More specifically, the third person’s decision depends on […]

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