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S.A.D. defines the “popular” Asian, but it’s what we expect.

Subtle Asian Dating (S.A.D.) is a new Facebook group, created by the Subtle Asian Dating page and inspired by the title of another popular group called Subtle Asian Traits, on which members of the global Asian community post dating profiles for their friends or themselves, highlighting pros and cons with accompanying pictures. It has recently […]

How do internet memes spread?

An internet meme is an idea, behavior or practice that spreads from person to person within a culture and strictly through the internet. Memes are particularly important in our modern society because of the ease of creating and spreading memes through the internet. They can push a political message, create humor, show emotion, etc. In […]

How Cascading Information Can Help Spread Fake News In this article, The New York Times deconstructs exactly how a tweet from a 35-year-old Texas resident went viral and became a fake-news phenomenon. They explained how it all started with Mr. Tucker tweeting a misinformed tweet to his very small following on Twitter. Later that day, someone from a conservative discussion forum […]

The diffusion of true and false information on the internet This article concerns the findings of three researchers : Vosoughi, Roy, and Aral. Utilizing a “data set of rumor cascades”, these researchers were able to come to the conclusion that false news actually diffuses through networks to greater depth, and faster than, true news. “The top 1 percent of false news cascades diffused to […]

Game Theory: Pablo Escobar vs. the Colombian Government

An interesting real world example of game theory is that of Pablo Escobar’s attack on the Colombian Palace of Justice. Escobar was the leader of the world’s largest drug cartel: the Medellin Cartel. He is infamous for being one of the most cruel and destructive drug lords of all time, and at one point he […]

Why Anthony Joshua Did Not Accept the Wilder Fight – Game Theory

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are the two biggest stars in the heavyweight boxing division. Between the two of them, they hold all four belts in the heavyweight division.  So naturally, one would think that they should fight, as it would generate the most possible money, publicity, and the most exciting fight in recent boxing […]

Information Cascades: How Men’s Fashion Trends Spread   Information cascades are a social catalyst in which information is passed rapidly across group of individuals. A cascade begins with one individual’s choice, and connected individuals subsequently make their own choice based on their inferences on why the initial individual acted as they did. Such a phenomenon can be observed in a plethora […]

How Influencers on Social Media Help Brands Generate Revenue

Nowadays, companies no longer limited themselves to regular advertisements that we see on TV and news websites. In fact, we have been seeing more and more propagandas that are conducted in a more discreet way, specifically by Social Media influencers. Brands are investing more of their time and money on influencers. Bloglovin’ found that 63 percent of marketers […]

The spread of true and false news online   This article investigates the spread of news, finding that humans tend to spread fake news at a much higher rate than real news. The main reasoning behind fake news spreading faster was ruled to be the novelty of the information. Fake news was extremely prevalent during the last US election. The authors take […]

The justice cascade: Origins and effectiveness of prosecutions of human rights violations

This article uses new data to present a cross-national view of trends in human rights prosecutions. The author trace the origins of individual criminal accountability, the process by which this new norm has spread globally, and its impact on repression levels in those countries and regions where prosecutions have taken place. The justice cascade refers […]

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