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Recent Trends in E-Cigarette Usage

Source:   Since the initial release of JUUL e-cigarette in 2015, the E-cigarette and vaporizer industry has swept across college campuses, residential neighborhoods and practically any setting with significant teenage populations, instigating a trend a of usage amongst teenagers and adults (StudyBreaks). The vaporizer industry is interesting to examine in a networks context, since the […]

Complicated real-life information cascade on Amazon   In this paper, the researchers analyzed 548552 products and their 7781990 review on Amazon, and the data were gathered in 2006. The model generated has an interesting pattern: they found that majority of ratings clustered at 4 and 5 stars, while there was also a certain amount that clustered at 0 star. In […]

Why It’s a Lot Harder to ‘Go Viral’ on the Internet Than You Think

The article talked about the content we consider “viral” on the Internet actually did not get shared and re-shared as much as we think. A few years ago, a research showed that more than 90 percent of the content on Twitter did not diffuse at all, only about 1 percent of the messages was shared […]

iPhone Boom Explained by Crowd Behavior

People might say that getting their latest iPhone every time a new version launches is the pure result of their conscious and logical decision, but this article digs deeper into why we can’t resist buying the latest iPhone and how companies are exploiting this kind of vulnerability in consumers through marketing. The article explains that […]

Hong Kong Street Performances and Information Cascades

As urban planning researcher Carine Lai recalls her travels through Hong Kong, she recounts the bustling streets and crowds of people she encounters. Hong Kong is well known for having noisy streets that reflect the vibrant life of the city. Sai Yeung Choi Street in particular is best known for being the hub of street […]

Power Laws in Real-World Networks   Erica Klarreich, in her article “Scant Evidence of Power Laws Found in Real-World Networks”, describes the controversy involving scale-free networks. Over the years, there has been numerous articles and journals published about the impact scale-free networks have and the ability of power laws to create uniformity between networks. Essentially, many individuals have used […]

The Anti-Vaccination Epidemic

In the year 2018, with all of our great technological advancements in healthcare, one would think that diseases such as measles and whooping cough would be eradicated by now. However, in the past several years, the anti-vaccine movement has been on the rise, leading to a resurgence of diseases once thought to be problems of […]

The Cascades Leading up to Gentrification In the past couple of decades, Los Angeles has experienced a major shift in its culture and lifestyle. Crime rates in the city have gone down, new businesses have appeared, and the overall day to day has a different atmosphere than it did twenty or thirty years ago. Skyrocketing housing and rent prices have […]

Phone Market Share

The Android has continuously grown and taken up global market share. From less than 37% during 2011, to over 81% on 2016, the Android has increased its market share steadily. With a wider choice of hardware, to cheaper options and headphone jacks. The Android phone comes with a lot of benefits. However, in the United […]

Prediction Markets: Bidding to Fund Public Goods

Article: Throughout our discussion of markets and the spread of information, we’ve examined how prediction markets play a role in prediction aggregation within a population. While we compared and contrasted the typical prediction market to betting in horse races, this article applies the concept of prediction markets to the funding of public goods. Specifically, this […]

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