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A Network Created by the Venezuelan Crisis

Source:   The article “Venezuela’s Crisis Has Become Our Own” written by Anthony Faiola, Marina Lopes and Rachelle Krygier for the Washington Post discusses Venezuela’s crisis regarding its collapsing health system and the consequences of it. Since Venezuela began suffering its economical and social crisis, its citizens have not been receiving proper medical care, […]

Network Effect in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. People of all ages game on various platforms, regardless of where they are. One of the key factors for the growing popularity of gaming is social platform. In an article by Pocket Gamer, the founder of Gamee (a social gaming platform) discussed […]

The Political Market for Lemons

Asymmetric information exists in all sorts of markets and occurs where buyers have less information about products than the seller of that product does. In Liudmyla Vozna’s article the Political Market with Asymmetric Information and Hybrid Democracy, he applies this phenomenon to our country’s current political climate. In a political market model, politicians are both […]

Information Cascades: Investing

This article begins by explaining what an information cascade is and how it works. It states that an information cascade is “situation where each person makes a decision/choice based on the observations or choices of others while ignoring his own personal information” and that individuals imitate the behavior of others. This is called her behavior […]

Cascading Behavior in Social Media This article describes the phenomenon of fake news in Jakarta — In just two months, the Indonesia National Police have arrested more than a dozen people who have been involved in propagating fake news online. This is a country that is relatively new to social media and have not received adequate education in how […]

Cryptocurrency and Network Effects   The cryptocurrency market has been notoriously volatile, with currency values skyrocketing and plummeting drastically. The most notable frontrunner of cryptocurrency is BitCoin, and its explosive success has attracted others to join the game with their own digital currencies such as LiteCoin and even Dogecoin. The latter example here is a humorous way to […]

Game Theory in Cybersecurity

With each passing day, companies need to improve their technology to remain competitive in the market. However, changing technology also introduces new vulnerabilities which may lead to increasing cyber-attacks. As a result, cybersecurity (reducing vulnerabilities to possible cyber-attacks) is one of the biggest concerns in the 21st century. However, another problem associated with cybersecurity is […]

Network effect in Economy Network Effect is a phenomenon where present users of service benefit in some way when the product or service is adopted by additional users. It is widely known that the internet is a network of networks where people connect to each other,and it is the largest and best known example of network effect. In class, […]

Diffusion in Voter Turnout   In modern political United States history, voter participation appears to have been depressed permanently. During the Gilded Age in the late 1800s, one of the most corrupt times of the nation, voter turnout reached as high as 80 percent. By post-Watergate however, it was considered a boon if voter turnout reached 55 percent. […]

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