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Twitter Bots are Effective Even In Few Numbers Research Study: A recent news article on NBC news mentioned a new research study on the activity on Twitter with links to low-credibility and fact-checking content for ten months between 2016 and 2017. The result of the study was that the majority of links were to low-credibility sources, 389,569 out of the 400,000 articles […]

The North Sentinel Island “Incident”: a clear example of network structural, spread of epidemics, and information distribution

In a recent unexpected series of events, the American missionary John Allen Chau was killed upon reaching the extremely isolated North Sentinel Island, which is home to one of the last uncontacted tribes in the world. Though his visit there was very brief, the implications of it are not – currently, Indian officials are faced […]

E. Coli Outbreaks and Information Diffusion In the past week, there have been widespread news reports urging everyone to avoid romaine lettuce at all costs. A recent E. Coli outbreak has left 43 people ill in 11 different states scattered around the country. I found this really interesting because although the outbreak has been found to center in Central California, […]

False Positives in Facial Recognition

Source: In an article written in May 2018, it states that the South Wales Police ran a facial recognition software against a sports game to seek out persons of interests since sports events are known for persons of interest to congregate. The program found 2470 potential matches, of which only 173 of those matches […]

Meningococcal disease spreading in Oregon State University

Meningococcal disease is caused by the bacteria called Neisseria meningitis. It is “a serious infection of the thin lining that surrounds the brain and spinal cord” (WHO). According to the World Health Organization, the fatality of this kind of disease is as high as 50% if the patient is not treated well in time. Also, […]

Brexit: Just Another Application of Game Theory

One of the largest issues occurring today in the world is Brexit. A portmanteau of the words ‘Britain’ and ‘exit’, Brexit refers to the act of the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU). It followed the referendum held in the summer of 2016 when the UK government allowed the general electorate to vote […]

Beating the Odds This website is focused on gambling with this article in particular focusing on the value of an asymmetric market when placing a bet. This article pays attention to how knowing more than everyone else allows one to make a bet for instance in horse racing where the betting odd’s aren’t accurate to the horse’s […]

Information Cascades and #MeToo In this article explores the contributing factors that likely led to the rise of the recent #MeToo movement in today’s particular political and cultural climate. The article attributes the movement’s success to digital information cascades brought about by information technology as well as resistance against the extreme and inflammatory words and actions of President […]

Game Theory in Football This article looked at the play calling by the Seattle Seahawks in their game against the New England Patriots during Super Bowl XLIX.  Specifically the focus was on the last play of the game, where Seattle threw an interception on the goal line, losing them the game with a final score of 28 to […]

Bayes Theorem in Justice Systems In judicial systems around the world it is a common strategy for prosecutors to use statistics to bolster their claims. As described in the guardian over the years this has led to a number of misrepresentations and caused one judge to bar the use of some statistical methods in future court cases. One of […]

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