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Social Media Marketing Tactics and Corporate Game Theory

Without a doubt, social media has come to dominate contemporary marketing strategies, particularly corporate ones. Businesses utilize social networks to reach their audiences by creating advertising and marketing campaigns that appeal to large demographics. However, many do not realize that these corporate social media marketing tactics operate under the dynamics of game theory and exist […]

Coffee Meets Bagel: Another Level of Online Dating

While technology is changing, online dating becomes so popular among singles who want difference experiences in relationship and who cannot find desired relationships in their neighborhood. So, many online dating websites appear enormously, and hundreds of millions of people are using the websites in good and bad ways. A lot of websites are trying to […]

Social Networks and Earthquakes

There are multiple derived applications of social networks. In addition to providing a means to connect users to their families, friends, and acquaintances, social networks have recently astonished seismologists and emergency responders with their rather unexpected application in gathering information about natural disasters. Recent earthquakes of relatively high magnitudes have often been coupled with many […]

The Game of Facebook’s Slingshot

Facebook does its best to stay current and relevant with today’s digital users and their ever-evolving interests. After failing to acquire Snapchat back in 2013, Facebook has tried a few more times to purchase Snapchat, as well as to release apps such as Poke, Paper, and Slingshot to maintain its relevance among apps like Snapchat. […]

Molecular Networks and the Human Interactome in Disease and Genetic Analysis

Molecular networks have become very useful tools in genetic studies, medical diagnoses, and protein synthesis. By taking a networks approach to medicine, scientists and engineers can analyze the links between various macromolecules in biological systems, which would enhance our understanding of how the relationships between genes and proteins influence disease progression and development. The network […]

Chimpanzees: The Champions of Game Theory Researchers, with the hopes of discovering how each player anticipated their opponents responses, have “pitted humans against chimps in a simple two-player video game that had each player choose between left and right squares on a touchscreen panel”. Each player received some sort of reward, for chimps it was apples and for humans it was money, […]

Hong Kong Protestors Using FireChat’s Mesh Network to Evade Censorship

For the past several days, Hong Kong has been filled with tens of thousands of people in what has been dubbed, The Umbrella Revolution.  They are protesting for a fully democratic election process, and to prevent mainland China from learning of these protests, the government has blocked many major sites, and may even block the […]

The “game” of war?

The intervention of Russia in the Eastern European countries has all but waned from the news headlines of the United States, one cannot help but look at the event through another lens, a lens which, according The Economist, can easily elucidate the situation through the use of game theory.  The article seems to act as a […]

Linking Doctors and Drug Makers

One of the many changes brought about by the health care laws has been new requirements on nearly all manufacturers of drugs and medical products to report payments or gifts made to doctors and teaching hospitals. The data has been made public in an online database in a push for greater transparency around doctors’ financial […]

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