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NBA Draft Lottery

The National Basketball Association (NBA) uses an amateur draft, in which teams are allowed to select collegiate and international players that are new to the league. The teams select in reverse order of the previous year’s record, from worst to first. Essentially, the draft allows the bad teams an opportunity to improve in the future, […]

Analyzing PayPal’s Split with eBay (and Apple’s Role)

In todays news, eBay announced that their partnership with PayPal is ending due to a board decision to create a more directed focus for PayPal, rather than maintaining their merger with the giant, eBay. The primary impetus behind PayPal’s split is the introduction of Apple Pay, along with the general rise of competitors in the […]

Game Theory In Parenting

I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure that parenting can be difficult. Imagine raising a human being – teaching him or her right from wrong, healthy habits from unhealthy habits, good manners from bad manners. Sometimes, parents have to convince their children to do things that they don’t want to do like eating their vegetables, cleaning […]

Why Same Party Candidates Seem So Similar

Continuing in the vein of solving maximization problems with graph or game theory models in class, an introduction to Hotelling’s Game is a good way to familiarize yourself with strategy in location competition and political stance alignment in politics. Hotelling’s Game is a model which can be used to explain positioning strategy in spatial positioning […]

The Broken Paths of the Internet

It seems like that in this day and age, the internet is actually holding all the aspects of our life together. We all constantly and consistently use and rely on the internet for its services and knowledge. With this explosion of ease to be able to surf the web and find just about anything you […]

A Last-Minute Hotel-Booking Service That Empowers the Hotel

Every night, hotel rooms are left empty. Because hotels don’t often run at full occupancy, these rooms are left as wasted opportunities and hotel managements don’t know how to fix this. Hotel managements struggle with this dilemma: although economic theory would say that they should discount the prices to make at least some profit off […]

How Social Media is more Than Just an Advertising Vehicle for Businesses   Social media is, without a doubt, an important aspect of modern day business. But how important it actually is might surprise you. These days, using social media is no longer as simple as putting a company page on Facebook and asking for likes. It’s become a source of ideas, corporate image rehabilitation, and […]

Networks and the Ebola Outbreak

The top headline on most, if not all media websites right now is the CDC confirming the first domestically diagnosed case of the highly infectious Ebola virus in the United States.  The virus that has been known infamously in areas of Africa has no vaccine developed for it yet, and it has finally reached US […]

Split or Steal? : An Interesting Take on the Prisoner’s Dilemma

The British game show Golden Balls is similar to any other game show in that contestants compete against one another to maximize their own payoffs. The show consists of three rounds in which contestants pick golden balls with various amounts of money on them (anywhere from £10 to £75,000). In the final round only two […]

Networks in the NBA

The following article discusses all of the offseason moves that occurred in the NBA this summer. It shows all the players that moved to a new team and gives some reasoning as to why they decided to leave and what then can expect on their new team. The Cleveland Cavaliers were one team in particular […]

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