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Google’s Ranking Strategy: Prioritize Quality Content Recently, Google released its latest page ranking algorithm Panda 4.1, which is the culmination of a long series of overhauls intended to improve the user experience. In particular, Google aims to give more visibility to pages that provide users with quality content instead of buzzwords or links that try to game the system. Quality […]

Cooperative Hunting in Dolphin Schools

Bottlenose dolphins are widely known to be relatively smart in comparison to other animals. When comparing a human’s ratio of the actual brain mass to the predicted brain mass, our encephalization quotient ranks to be 7.4-7.8, and that of the dolphin’s is ranked directly after us at 4.14. Brain size is one of the more […]

Structural Balance Theory in the Animal Kingdom

Source: The way we form relationships in our social networks can sometimes fall into predictive patterns. Some individuals are more likely to be our friends and others are more likely to be our enemies. Such patterns have long been noticed by social psychologists and can be explained by the Structural Balance Theory. A new […]

Facebook Uses Bandwidth Targeting To Improve Mobile Ads

Facebook has implemented a new form of advertising called Bandwidth Targeting, which gives “advertisers the ability to send ads based on the quality of a user’s network connection, moderating type of ad to whether a user is on a 2G, 3G or 4G / faster connection.” This feature has been activated in order to allow […]

Degrees Of Separation: an Evolving Principle

Source: _____________________________________________________ Since the small-world phenomenon was initially recognized, the world has evolved, and social networks have created an easier way of connecting people. A recent study suggests that, based on the huge friend networks created by Facebook users, the six degrees of separation principle may be narrowed down to 4 degrees of separation. […]

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