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Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps the most dominant and popular search engine of this generation, at least in the United States and much of Europe, the means in which Google ranks webpages can determine the fate of entire businesses who may rely upon the search engine for a large majority of their customers and a thorough understanding of SEO […]

“Early iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales herald big U.S. holiday season for Apple” by Gregg Keizer.

In this article, it talks about Kantar’s Carolina Milanesi predicts there will be a very strong holiday sales season in the U.S. for Apple’s new iPhones, which are iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Although Apple’s share of U.S. smartphones sales has dropped during a three-month period, from July 31, 2014 to September 30, 2014, […]

Graph Analytics

Link: Graphs can be used to model many types of relationships and can offer insight that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye. Graph Theory and Analytics have applications in many fields. In the field of computer science, graphs are used to represent data organization, the flow of computation, and more such as the […]

Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO) algorithms

For scholars, it is important for them to publish their articles over the internet so that their work could be cited at some point. How academic websites optimize scholarly literature has become an important topic to learn before someone publishes his/her work. Although different search engines have different ranking algorithm, but the most basic weighting […]

The Network Effects of BitTorrent

BitTorrent (otherwise known as torrenting) is a protocol in which users can upload an download chunks of data that may be many gigabytes large. Often attributed to being for piracy, the actual concepts behind BitTorrent are quite attractive. Even though your internet service provider may offer you decent download speeds, often times the upload speeds […]

Applications of social network analysis in law enforcement

Source: Using Social Network Analysis to Profile Organised Crime (pdf download for article) The article summarizes the pros and cons of social network analysis (SNA) over other, more simplistic methods, and considers its application to a case study. SNA involves mapping out relationships in a network before trying to apply definitions to the clusters and […]

Online auction on EBay

Online auction on EBay Everything is moving to the virtual world including trading and purchasing items. We have seen an increase in the number of online auction sites such as DealDash, UniSquare, Trade Me, etc. When it first appeared, EBay quickly became popular among the online shoppers as it offered an online auction platform for […]

The Holes in Google’s PageRank Search Algorithm

Google’s PageRank algorithm is mostly a popularity contest. It accounts for many practical factors that would affect a web pages’s place in the list of search results returned by searching one or more certain keywords. For example, to calculate a page’s importance, Google counts in-links, recommendations (which are out-going links), the importance of the recommenders […]

Information Cascades and the Marketing Tipping Points

The article suggests that information cascades could show the validity of the domino-effect or tipping point idea in marketing. The tipping point is an idea that “small action, such as nudging a domino, causes a large chain reaction.”  The concept was developed by Malcolm Gladwell. He believes that the chain reaction can result in the […]

ESnet, The Shadow Internet

As discussed in lecture, the internet can be described as a network of nodes. Each node would be a computer or a set of computers, depending on how deep the graph is, and each edge would be a wire or a set of wires connecting the computers. And unlike other networks which include social, transport, […]

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