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Insider Trading and Information Networks

As one might predict, insider trading presumably occurs between people who know each other in a professional setting, for example between two investment bankers at different firms who have worked together professionally in the past. This, however, would not be the case. Due to a recent study on the nature of insider trading and the […]

Capturing Saddam Hussein: A Network Analysis

When American force started took control over Iraq in March 2003, the head of Ba’athist regime, Saddam Hussein avoided capture. Unable to trace him, the coalition force designed a deck with 55 significant figures drawn. Saddam Hussein was indeed the Ace of Spades, marking his importance in the Iraq invasion. Other members in the card […]

“You need to run the football!” But should you? The article I have linked to describes the run versus pass play selection of this year’s New York Giants football team. As the article states the Giants have selected run plays more often than any other team this season. One of the oldest adages in football has been that in order to control the […]

Beating Facebook’s Campaign

In class, we have learned a lot about how Facebook runs its advertisement campaign.  With this campaign, Facebook is becoming even richer while many marketers are losing money – due to the same, repeated, rookie mistakes. There are ways to manipulate Facebook’s system in your favor, but to do this, it is imperative that you […]

Social Networks and Welfare Cultures

Those that study social networks have argued that network effects have given rise to a culture of poverty. When the poor interact mainly with other members of the poor population, networks can inhibit upward movement. Instead of job availability and positive role models, these connections may supply information about welfare eligibility and negative peer pressure. […]

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