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Seminar video: Soil health in strawberry fields

If you missed Monday’s Horticulture Section seminar, Soil health in strawberry fields , with Maria Gannett, M.S. candidate, Graduate Field of Horticulture, it’s available online.

More seminar videos: Horticulture | School of Integrative Plant Science

In the news

appleRecent news of horticultural interest:

And some recent videos:

  • It’s All About the Genes: Wine Flavor – From VitisGen project and the Finger Lakes Grape Program. Features Bruce Reisch, grape breeder in the Horticulture Section and Gavin Saks, food science.
  • Women in STEM – Nora Catlin, who works at the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center as the Greenhouse and Floriculture Specialist is featured in this video, first in a series from the Center for Science Teaching and Learning.
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