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Matching Market Saves Lives!

The shortage of organ donors is a well-known, urgent health crisis. More than 114,000 people in the United States are currently on a national waiting list enduring a long, painful, and stressful wait for an organ, and, unfortunately, the sad reality is that many will die before receiving one. There are just not enough donors; […]

Twitter and Ad Auctions

Twitter stocks drop due to problems with their advertising issues and bugs. These issues were related to sharing of private information with advertisers and other information sharing. These bugs greatly reduced revenue for the third quarter as stocks plummeted. However, advertising revenue for the quarter actually increased, although it was still lower than the predicted […]

The Game Theory of the Stanford Prison Experiment The Stanford Prison Experiment was a landmark study conducted at Standford University in 1971. The researchers wanted to investigate whether the violent nature of guards toward prisoners in the U.S. prison system was due to the inherent nature of the guards, or whether it was the rigid social hierarchy and environment of prisons which […]

Ticket Master – Why First Price Auctions Are It’s Only Option

Reference Material: Hyperlink Within a first-price ascending bid auction, bidders engage with the seller as the seller slowly increases the cost of the product until all but one bidder remains. Within the Ticket Master sales model, after the completion of each auction the site charges the user a series of service fees that include facilitation, […]

The YouTube Adpocalypse In this article, Thomson outlines the three stages of the “YouTube Adpocalypse” and how each staged has been marked by YouTube’s desire to attract more advertisers to their site. First, YouTube implemented a policy that “gave advertisers more control over the placement for their ads,” because advertisers don’t want to indirectly provide revenue to […]

Smooth Sailing for Cyclists This article discusses traveling networks and how redistribution can favor one group over another. Due to an increase in fatal cyclist accidents, New York City has calibrated the traffic signals to give bikes priority for green lights. By timing the lights for a 10-15 mph pace, as is typical for cyclists, they are able […]

To crawl or not to crawl? For anyone trying to build a presence on the internet, whether it be a social-media influencer, a startup or a budding artist, ranking high up in search results is undoubtedly essential. To the extent that several specialists like to closely follow each new development or detail in the search industry. One such constantly evolving […]

Did Justin Sun Play a Dominant Strategy When He Won a Lunch With Buffet?   The article above shares news about the most recent winner of the lunch with Warren buffet auction. Every year, Warren Buffet holds an auction for a three-hour lunch date with him. All profit is used to benefit Glide, a charity organization in San Francisco that aids people who suffer from homelessness and addiction. […]

Why we shouldn’t forget about PageRank in 2019

One of the reasons that PageRank is no longer the official method Google uses to rank pages is that many website owners would take advantage of the system to artificially boost their ranking, which is something this article talks about. As we learned in class, the more more links pointing to your page, the higher […]

Page Rank and its Relevance Today

Does Google PageRank Still Matter in 2018? A Retrospective View in the PageRank History This article delves into various different aspect of page rank, and why although people may think that it is obsolete, it is actually still a relevant device among Google’s searching algorithms. It addresses the history of page rank, why it seemed […]

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