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Facebook’s PageRank-Inspired Click-Gap

Source: Facebook is undeniably the world’s most popular social media platform. With over 2 billion monthly users, it is not surprising that people are exposed to a variety of content: pictures, videos, articles, and fake news. During the 2016 election, Facebook was under criticism for allowing/providing a platform for Fake News to be shared […]

YouTube Algorithm and the Creation of Rabbit Holes

Source: This article describes the ways in which YouTube’s recommendation algorithm leads users into a “rabbit hole”– that is, the more engaged the viewer is to a certain topic, the more YouTube recommends videos related to those topics to appear in the “Recommendations” sidebar for viewers to watch next. While this seems logical in […]

Search Engines, Dynamic Mechanism   Google has altered autocomplete suggestions in its search engine after critizations about inappropriate content. Some suggest there are ways to temper with the searching mechanism to manipulate people. In class we learnt about fundamental mechanism of search engines. One way the engine suggests the most relevant outcomes by determining the number of […]

How to Get the Most out of PageRank and Boost Rankings

Article: The article discusses Google’s search algorithm called PageRank and suggests ways that a webpage can increase their ranking. This algorithm was based and determined the authority of  a page based on inbound links. Authorities are some nodes linked by good hubs and good authorities are pointed to by many hubs. The article continues […]

Networks Concepts in Mergers & Acquisitions Negotiations

Nash equilibrium is applicable in many contexts of life, but I believe the most high-stakes situations are the most interesting. High-stakes can be defined in many ways, but the one I would like to focus on is when there is a lot of money on the line. This occurs most of all in the law. […]

The Effect of Search Engines on Politics

Following recent trends in the global political landscape, specifically with the Russian scandal during the 2016 Presidential Election, there has been a national push for greater transparency amongst the largest corporations. In terms of influence, almost no companies have more than search engines. Companies like Google direct the online traffic of millions of Americans daily, […]

Web Structure vs Other Networks We Know Article of reference: “The Structure of the Web” by Jon Kleinberg and Steve Lawrence   The article, “The Structure of the Web” by Jon Kleinberg and Steve Lawrence, pulls in the reader by pointing out how there are many networks out there, but the web is possibly one of the most peculiar ones. While […]

Google Ads – Transition to First-Price Auctions & Political Controversy

What to know about Google’s implementation of first-price ad auctions WATCH: BREAKING YouTube Election Meddling of Tulsi Gabbard Over the course of the past year, the world’s leader in ad revenue, Google, has facilitated a switch from running second-price sealed-bid auctions for their ads to a first-price system.  This means that the best […]

Snapchat’s Increasing Ad Revenue

Many tech companies are trying to innovate the methods from which they earn revenue. Specifically, Snapchat, the instant-messaging and social media app, has recently been gaining more and more profits with a very strong 2019 to date. A majority of their profits come from ad revenue, specifically through their “stories” feature.  In the past few […]

The Misconceptions Regarding Google’s Page Ranking

An Overwhelming Percentage of Americans Think Money Drives Google’s 1st Page Ranking PageRank, named by Larry Page, is the precursor algorithm used by Google search to rank web pages in the company’s search engine results. It is no longer the only algorithm used by the tech giant, but it is the first. For my discussion, […]

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