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Qualifying the NYC Housing Lottery   Due to New York City’s notoriously high rent prices, many people enter the city-run affordable housing lotteries for a chance to win affordable (i.e. below market-price) and rent-stabilized homes. With over 10s of thousands of people applying every day, there were over 4.6 million applicants in 2018 alone, all vying for one […]

Nash Bargaining Outcomes and Government Shutdowns

In Oliver Roeder’s article, “Why It’s Unlikely We’ll Get a Deal On the Wall Anytime Soon,” he addresses the meaning behind the government shutdown earlier this year in February and why it was plausible to happen again. The situation was this: President Trump was trying to reach a government deal that would fund the building […]

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In auctions, bidders are always trying to have the best bid while profiting by the most amount of money. Bidders are usually looking for dominant strategies in order to allow them to have the highest payoff. There are risks from bidding too low or too high in second price auctions because of the way these […]

Spread of Info In Social Media These articles are about the recent awful tragedy in Germany. Like many of the ones that has happened before, the suspect utilized social media and other online forums to spread their way of thinking. Because of this, there are many analyses around this spread of information and research into how to stop it […]

Game Theory and Real Life This articles explores second price auctions and how people should act in different scenarios. At first, the article looks at what theoretically should happen in second price auctions. It says that with second priced sealed auctions, the best strategy is to bid one’s own value. After this, the article explores concrete examples to see […]

Studying Giving Behavior in the Real World In analyzing this article, we are focusing on the effect an amount of money has on an individual’s decision to donate money charitably, and whether vastly increasing or decreasing this amount would actually change the givers behavior. What was determined through the study was that the starting amount an individual had did vastly impact […]

Matching Markets in ENGRG 1050

The summer before I started at Cornell, the College of Engineering sent out a survey to incoming freshmen asking them to rank their academic interests. We were presented with a list of all 14 majors in the college and given a total of 10 points, which we were supposed to allocate to reflect our interests […]

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