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Game Theory and the Success of Voluntary Vaccination Campaigns This article discusses how game theory can be used to model human decision-making in voluntary vaccination programs. The article first asserts that human decision-making is critical to voluntary vaccination programs. Vaccines have led to the complete eradication of some diseases in the past, such as smallpox. Many more diseases, including measles, could have also […]

The Current State of Striking In this very recent New York Times article, Noah Scheiber goes into detail about the current state of employment striking in the United States. Even though the economy is quite strong at the moment, it appears as though workers are very willing to simply walk off and demand more compensation for their jobs. One […]

Promise and Pitfalls of Extending Google’s PageRank Algorithm to Citation Networks The article I read is about the pitfalls of just using number of times cited as the only criteria for determining the significance of a research paper. This article attempts to correct for some of these pitfalls by extending Google’s PageRank algorithm to rank research papers in order of significance. Some of the pitfalls […]

A More Profitable Auction

Hulu Moves To First-Price Auctions For Its OTT Inventory Hulu, the popular television and movie streaming service, has historically used second price auctions to sell the advertisement opportunities on its platform. However, this week, Hulu has announced to its advertisers that they will be switching to a first price auction system going forward. This comes […]

The Social Exchange Theory and Romantic Relationships Social exchange theory as we learned in class is an effective and versatile tool in understanding the social world. Researching different types of exchange has proven useful in identifying what factors are responsible for building trust and commitment in a relationship. In selecting a partner, giving gifts, or reevaluating a relationship, social exchange theory […]

Food Network and “Real-World” Network Structure   “Food-web structure and network theory: The role of connectance and size” by Dunne, Williams, and Martinez examines the magnitude of the clustering coefficient and path length in food webs. They mention that while an artificially connected network can have low inter-connections between nodes, real-world networks tend to have high connectance. They refer to […]

Why Using Your Power In A Negotiation Isn’t Always A Good Idea

Link: This article explains that a party with higher power in a negotiation shouldn’t necessarily use its power to gain the best outcome for itself. This might seem counter-intuitive, because one would assume that it is always best to try and get the maximum outcome. However, that is not the case because negotiations are […]

Targeted Ads on Snapchat Snapchat has developed a new feature called “Dynamic Ads” that allows direct-response advertising spending from retailers and direct to consumer brands. The ads allow advertisers to create ads very quickly while saving them time and money because they won’t have to manually create ads.  All they need to do is send their product […]

Post on “How John Nash made modern economics possible”

The article I chose for this blog post is  It mainly discusses different applications of Nash’s non-cooprateitve solutions to game theory and how it can relate to modern economics. The article also talks about Prisoner’s dilemma and the kicker/goalie example we have looked at in lecture. Nash first introduced the idea of bargain equilibrium […]

Tsukiji Fish Market   The Tsukiji fish market, located in Tokyo, Japan is one of the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. The Tsukiji fish market is a major tourist attraction for both domestic and overseas tourists, and one of the most exciting things that happen is the auction. Before the auctions happen the […]

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