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YouTube Monetization and GSP

As the largest video hosting website in the world, YouTube is no doubt an essential part in the daily lives of many people, especially younger generations who rely on the Internet when it comes to news and entertainment. It was once a platform where everybody can freely express their opinions and even earn a bit […]

Game Theory and Napoleonic Naval Warfare

Article: Background resources:,, and provide a fair introduction to the material other than what’s from networks here. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the world’s great powers built warships with most of their cannons arrayed along their sides, allowing the ships to attack only to their sides with significant firepower (think […]

Auctioning and Advertising

The article “Bid Shading is Covering for Inefficient Programmatic Algorithms” by Jeremy Fain delves into a new aspect of advertisement auctions that could have unforeseen consequences on the industry. In order to understand this problem, we must first delve into the basics behind how ads are sold and how this has led to the emergence […]

Game Theory and Climate Change

  https:     // (space so link would stay above) What Kind of Problem Is Climate Change? By Alex Rosenberg This article is about the current status of climate change and how it relates to game theory. Rosenberg defines climate change as the classic prisoner’s dilemma. He first defines preventing climate change as a public good: […]

PageRank and Google-bombing: Change in PageRank to Combat Manipulation

Google’s success in becoming a dominating force in search engines is credited to its revolutionary PageRank algorithm that was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of the company. The PageRank algorithm determines the importance, or the “weight,” of the page by looking at how often they are cited or linked to by other […]

Google Advertising

Many search engines such as Google use search advertising as a way to make money. These search engines display certain ads based off what a user searches, as well as a second price auction, which is an auction in which the bidder who bids the highest value wins, and pays the second highest value. Additionally, […]

A Brief History of Search Engine Bias and Manipulation

Article Link: As explored in this Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,  search engines and ethics are closely tied. Critics of online search engines have always pointed out the paradigm of bias – exclaiming that web search algorithms often systematically exclude certain types of web pages, in favor of different ones, giving height to some at […]

Google’s Search for Better Results   Google, the world’s largest search engine, just made a major algorithm change. The have called it their “single biggest positive” algorithm change every, affecting up to one in every ten queries. The completely altered which words in the search are prioritized, are based the search rankings on those. The old algorithm was a […]

Google brings in BERT to improve its search results   In this day and age, where Google receives over 63000 search queries per second, and 35 billion per day, it comes to no surprise that any change in their search algorithm is important news. As the most popular and widely used search engine (over 90% of search queries are Google Searches), a small […]

Choosing between SEO and PPC to increase website traffic We learned about pay-per-click in class, which is the website pays for every click from users searching specific keywords so that it can get to the top of the search results. To increase the website traffic, there is another option called search engine optimization, which is to adjust the quality and quantity of the […]

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