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Spotify Music Recommendations through Algorithms

Article Link: How Spotify’s Algorithm Knows Exactly What You Want to Listen To Spotify uses a powerful set of algorithms based on a user’s music listening history and personal details to shape their experience and get users to listen to more music. These algorithms have influenced a user’s home screen, custom-curated playlists such as “Discover […]

GSP   Nowadays, it is impossible to browse the internet without an ad popping up. Prior to learning about sponsored search markets in lecture, I always wondered how advertisements worked, specifically how revenue was generated. Prior to taking Networks, I didn’t know how prevalent it was for various markets to use auctioning as an optimal […]

Information Cascades in the Philippines’s Presidential Election

This article discusses two things. First, it discusses the amoral fascist regime of one President Duerte of the Philippines. It documents how he’s used his position to silence dissenters and squash the press and journalism in his country. The article then beings explaining the “cascade of lies.” A study conducted by the Filipino news organization […]

Paid Search Advertising

Why Your Competitors Use Paid Search Advertising & You Should Too This article gives a run down of what paid search advertising is: a form of digital marketing where search engines such as Google allow advertisers to have their pages show up on their search engine results pages. The article begins by talking about pay […]

How does Instagram sell its ad slots?   This article provides an overall introduction about Instagram’s audience, its ads selling strategies, and why it is working well. It points out that Instagram has a relatively young audience, more than half of whom age between 18 and 29. They have higher engagement with posts than users in other age groups. Also, Instagram […]

Google’s Page Rank   Page Rank is how Google can rank web pages based on their importance. Years ago, Google confirmed that their Page Rank system was no longer being used. Although Page Rank is not the main algorithm Google uses, the company has confirmed it is still one of the hundreds of ranking signals used. Further […]

Web Search and Neuroscience Recently, I realized the similarities of how hub and authority search algorithms mimic how real-life neurons function. This is no coincidence as one of my cognitive science professors mentioned to me that search algorithms for the web were most likely inspired by real neuroscience. In the EdX lecture videos, Professor Kleinberg discusses an analogy […]

The Impact of Global Warming on Food Webs

Link to article: The article, As the Arctic Heats Up, What’s In Store For Its Food Webs?, discusses the potentially detrimental effect of the melting of sea ice on Arctic food webs. The article starts by describing how climate change could cause an entire food web to collapse or be reshaped from the bottom […]

Google is Saving Lives by Tracking Web Searches As the world may see it, Google may take over the worth with their growth of innovation and technology. This is only an exaggeration of course, but more accurately, one can say Google is the leader of the web. The article discusses how Google uses their own algorithm similar to PageRank to predict outbreaks […]

Google News Recommended For You

I was perusing Google News for inspiration for something to write about, when I came across the ‘For You’ section, where news articles are recommended based on your interests. I was looking through the articles recommended for me specifically, and could distinctly see the persona Google has taken me to be. My articles spanned psychology, […]

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