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Cascading Behavior in the Sales of iPhone

This month, Apple released its much anticipated iPhone X, a special celebratory device designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone line. Along with the iPhone 8 that was released earlier this year, the two new products immediately become the strong contender of the bestselling phones of the year. Even though Apple stopped releasing […]

The Mental Health Epidemic

In the article “What To Do About The Mental Health Epidemic Among Students? A Different Approach.” by Dr. Maggie Gilewicz, Gilewicz speaks about the mental health epidemic that is facing many students at colleges and universities worldwide. Gilewicz also points out how currently colleges and universities are implement resources for mental illnesses however they are ineffective […]

Information cascade and the harassment scandal This article from the Financial Times discusses the information cascade phenomenon in the recently notorious series of sexual harassment scandal. From the very beginning of the scandal, Hollywood’s famous Harvey Weinstein, to Al Franken, a Democrat senator, to this week’s  Charlie Rose, TV interviewer of choice for the Davos set, it seems that such sexual harassment […]

Information Cascades in Reality “An information cascade, speaking loosely, is where people make decisions on the basis of their observations of other peoples’ actions. “ information cascade is a prevalent phenomenon in real life. Especially, such a cascade plays a very important role in stock markets. On October 26, 2011, the 17 leaders of the euro-zone countries met […]

How Close Friends Represent Information Cascades

Article: As stated in the article, there is an undeniable bond between close friends. Close friends are often the driving figures that cause people to participate in the daily activities that they do. For example, the article elaborates on how your close friends influence the way you spend money and your buying habits. “93% of […]

Information Cascades — Fake Online Reviews

When people are connected to a network, they tend to be influenced by each other’s behavior and decisions. Information cascades happen when individuals choose to imitate the choices of others even if their own information suggests alternative options. In real life, information cascades happen a lot through online review system from which consumers can evaluate […]

An Ever-Growing List of Rape Allegations: A Look Into Information Cascade Effects

In the past few months, we have seen an absolute explosion of rape and sexual harassment allegations made by dozens of women against prominent figures in politics and the entertainment industry. Men such as Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Al Franken, George H.W. Bush, and Charlie Rose are just a few of the men who have […]

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