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Success Story of Starbucks: Network Analysis

Article Source: The article provides a very detailed discussion of the strategies Starbucks used to reach such widespread popularity and survive in a very competitive market. According to the author, the success of Starbucks comes from its attempt to diversify its marketing strategies. The article notes that among some of the company’s most successful marketing […]

Bill Support and Social Contagion

In an Axios article titled “The Tax Bill in Not Looking So Popular”, writer David Nather, uses analytical data to highlight the fact that American voters did not accept a Republican / GOP tax bill. A graph in the article shows general GOP bill support at an all-time low and explains how the Republican party […]

Apple Alexa-Rebuttal Pushed Back to Make It a Competitor

Apple’s much-anticipated HomePod, a voice-controlled smart-speaker, meant to pose Apple’s threat to Amazon’s hugely successful Alexa devices, has had its original December ship-date pushed back a few months to early 2018. For as much publicity and attention Apple has given the new device, it’s interesting that they have decided to wait for its release. Though, […]

Information Cascades, Sex Scandals, and the ‘Weinstein Effect’

Lately, there have been a wave of horrific unveilings of sexual misconduct amongst various public figures, from popstars to politicians, which was started, at least in a major way, by the uncovering of Harvey Weinstein’s past inappropriate advances towards females that he was working with. With the first allegations from Ashley Judd and others, many […]

EA Developer That Received Death Threats Over Star Wars Is A Fake

Article: Post: Over the past week, much controversy has spread about the newly released Star Wars game published by Electronic Arts (EA). The uproar was generated by the fanbase of the Star Wars gaming community because of the “pay-to-win” mechanics that were introduced into the game. In other words, fans were upset that certain […]

WeChat and Information Cascades This article analyzes the popular Chinese social media app, WeChat, and how its features easily allow false information to spread across networks. In fact, the application was the to-go place for viral pro-Trump news among first generation Chinese immigrants in the US. According to the article, WeChat is a platform much like any social […]

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat This article discusses the rise in popularity of Instagram’s relatively new story feature and how it creates competition for Snapchat. A year after adding the story feature, which allows users to post a snapshot of a moment that their followers can see for 24 hours before it disappears, Instagram released users stats for their […]

Magic Tricks and Page Ranking

The essence of magic and magic tricks is deception. Through a limited lens the audience can misinterpret information critical to understanding the magician’s act. Marlette DiChristina wrote, when discussing a presentation given at Neuromagic 2012, “the brain constructs our experience of reality from a truly imperfect set of biophysical tools.” Our brains are hardwired to […]

Information Cascade Model and Allegations Against Kevin Spacey In this news article, we see that the Kevin Spacey scandal has continued to escalate after the initial accusation from a actor Spacey used to work with, as he shared his story with BuzzFeed news. Spacey was accused for sexual assaults and inappropriate behaviors. While this has brought about immense damage to Spacey’s public […]

Cascade model in Hip-hop Typically, it is understood that people in different parts of the world have different cultures, views, and simply a different lifestyle. For instance, it would not be expected that people from Italy and the USA, to listen to the same music or wear the same types of clothes. Though they might share some similarities, […]

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