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The Influence of Network Effects on Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency

Link to the article. This article explicitly discusses the importance of network effects in rising technologies, in this case, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. As we learned in class, network effects occur as more nodes join the networks, which in turn causes its benefits increase. The articles names two examples, besides the subject of the story […]

How Social Media Affects Customer Spending

Humans are social beings, and a major part of a human’s decision making is socially influenced. In this case, we look at how social media apps such as Facebook and Snapchat help affect spending habits of customers though information conveying, and through people within a group influencing each other. Humans interactions can be modelled with […]

The Quest for Clout: The power of a check mark in Information Cascades   I’ve recently started using Twitter. I’m a CS major that interned in Silicon Valley this past summer and is trying to do anything he can to get back to California. So in that effort, I’ve been all up in the @ mentions and DMs of Twitter University Recruiters. I’ve really enjoyed using the […]

Bitcoin and network effects

This article delves into how network effects can have an impact on the future of Bitcoin. Currency and finance has been the backbone of human evolution, and has been pivotal in changing how our society functions. In the past decade, with the advent of blockchain technology, a new decentralized currency, with the first being Bitcoin, […]

A Case For Marvel Being More Popular Than DC (besides DC just having bad quality movies)

Are the movies of the DC universe just that bad? After watching Justice League, inclined to think that the reason Marvel continues to be more successful is due to DC’s inability to create a compelling, coherent, complete story. If it weren’t for the high quality of Wonder Woman, this would certainly be the case. While […]

Misinformation Cascades on WeChat

With 889 million monthly active users, WeChat has more than triple the user base of Snapchat and half that of Facebook. It is the most prominent social media platform in mainland China, and evidently, it was a primary avenue for pro-Trump sentiments and mobilization, particularly for first-generation Chinese immigrants. With features similar to that of […]

Close Friends Influence Your Buying Habits The article cites recent research that finds key statistics that reveal just how much close friends influence your buying habits. For example, 93% of participants say they buy products that their close friends recommend, and 62% learn about new brands from close friends. Most importantly, 87% say close friends are the most influential factor […]

Preventing the Spread of Disease After Hurricane Maria

Many hurricanes can lead to a spread of disease, especially with lots of destruction of property and mass flooding. Common measures to prevent spread of disease after hurricanes include access to clean water, medicine and medical supplies, vaccinations, and hand hygiene. It is especially important to take precaution in crowded shelters. Still pools of water […]

ESS in Handedness

Left-handedness has been found to be overrepresented in baseball and other interactive sports such as tennis, fencing, and cricket. Data collected over years concerning athletic performance in sports with varying degrees of interaction (including zero interaction) show that the smaller the physical distance between two athletes is in a sport, the higher the frequency of […]

Network Effects on Bitcoin and other Cryptocuurencies

In class and in the textbook, we have talked about network effects recently. Network effects are a phenomenon where a product or service gains more popularity, the more people use it–sort of like a positive feedback loop. One space where it may be particularly interesting to examine the prevalence of network effects is in the […]

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