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The Game Theory of Recruitment Have you ever wanted to take some time for academic self-discovery, to find out what it is that you really want to do? But then suddenly application for internships are due and you still do not know what you like? Well, there is a reason for that: Game Theory. For both students and companies, […]

The Rise and Fall of Google+

Google+, a social networking platform released by the tech giant, Google, was released more than 7 years ago. However, since then, the product’s following has only diminished. Initially, it seemed that the reason Google+ failed to gain traction among consumers was due to its underperforming features. For instance, one engineer described Google+’s Hangouts feature as […]

Procter & Gamble and the Long Tail This article discusses the reasons Procter & Gamble has had issues with increasing sales, giving the impression that they no longer understand consumer culture in the U.S. Currently their marketing challenges include: a preference shift for small and local brands, a preference for purpose led brands rather than big brands, the digital ecosystem downplaying […]

The Mistaken Consensus in Dietary Restrictions

article: It’s become popular wisdom nowadays that a low-fat diet is healthy and can prevent heart disease. But what scientific evidence actually exists to prove this claim? John Tierney in this article claims that the low-fat diet fad is the result of an informational and reputational cascade. The cascade starts when people start believing […]

Algorithms and The Movement of Ideas

This article discusses how Facebook, Google, and Twitter try to contain hate speech without infringing on free speech. Furthermore, it touches upon the stall in the flow of ideas—especially ideas pertaining to each political party.  It primarily focuses on Facebook’s algorithm for what pops up on a person’s news feed. Their algorithm is designed to […]

Challenges of Reverse Network Effects

The article discusses the idea behind what might go wrong in the expansion of a social network if it is not curated properly over time. It claims that in absence of “robust curation,” an online platform may lose value as they grow. Since it is the user that creates value on the platform most of […]

Information Cascade Before The Internet

A powerful feature of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, and other social media sites is the user’s ability to have a feed tailored to their interests and their beliefs. In theory, this uniquely built experience allows a user to see more that interests them and to be exposed to things similar to their network. People follow […]

Information Cascades in Capital Markets

Investors and managers in financial markets are often accused of making irrational investment decisions based on popular market trends, which can contribute to increased market volatility. An information cascade is one pathway by which poor investment decisions can permeate throughout a capital market. Information cascades occur when individuals observe the actions of others, and then […]

Console Wars Explained by Network Effects

During my early adolescent years, I thought about one war of sorts far more often than any armed conflict. This was the competition between the seventh generation of home video game consoles, often dubbed a “console war.” The most vitriolic front in this war did not involve the Nintendo Wii, the console that sold like […]

How Social Media Endangers Knowledge

In class, we learned about how the number of people who utilize a product can be influenced by, not only the inherent value of the product, but also the network effect of having multiple people use the product. The more people who are expected to use the product, the more valuable it becomes, and the […]

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