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Snapchat’s Domination

Main Article: Snapchat Could Overtake Facebook, Instagram Among Young U.S. Users for First Time Useful/Supporting Links: Networks, Crowds, and Markets Snapchat’s twenty-something founders are each worth ~$4 billion Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion For years, Facebook has seen unprecedented growth. With the growth of other social media platforms, however, Facebook has worked to squash its […]

College Drinking and Cascades

In the United States, college students mostly depend on their peers for support because they no longer live under their parents’ roof. Since students are interacting with other students more, they begin to copy the behavior of their peers. This is clearly evident with alcohol use. Over a two week time period, 80% of college […]

The Power of the Female

Female empowerment is making its mark quickly and with great force.  Just recently history was made in New Orleans in a revolutionary election as the first female mayor, LaToya Cantrell, was elected. She played a vital part in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, which is where she made her first mark and began to find […]

Faulty Signals in Information Cascades

Information cascades occur when individuals are presented with the choice to either adopt or reject a decision based on the observed actions of previous participants. As we learned about information cascades, I was often reminded of a social network site I frequent: IMDb. Indeed, the underlying principles of information cascades can be applied to an […]

Information Cascades in Social Media for Presidential Elections

One of the biggest plot twists in modern history was the result of our most recent presidential election. Regardless of whether you were glad with the results or disappointed, there’s no denying that this election marked a significant change in the way the presidential campaigns were run. All candidates did their usual TV promos and […]

How Social Networks and Information Cascades Affect Politics

In a recent article, the ways information cascades affect social media and politics was thoroughly discussed, specifically the effects on our most recent election in 2016. It discusses Facebook, Twitter, and Google testifying during the Senate Intelligence Hearing on fake news, free speech, and Russia. They discuss particular algorithms that influence politics through social media […]

iPhone X Adoption The latest iPhone was released over two weeks ago, and this has been Apple’s most expensive iPhone yet. As of the time this article was written on November 17, 2017, it says that Apple has been “oddly quiet” on iPhone 8 and iPhone X sales, so it attempts to analyze third-party data to determine […]

Cascades: iPhone vs Android

Many people express a deep devotion to the type of smartphone they use and can be downright hostile to those who do not use the same device as them. This article lists many reasons that people buy iPhones instead of Androids, such as user friendliness, compatibility with other apple devices, or better support for most […]

Information Cascade in SW: BF2 Controversy

Although the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II game has been highly anticipated, sudden controversy that occurred right before the release has caused a wild community backlash. In response to a user comment on how the iconic Darth Vader character was not unlocked from the start, an EA employee posted an “explanation” on Reddit, a popular […]

“Creativity and Social Networks: The Relational Advantage of Weak Ties”

While browsing articles regarding the strengths of ties in social networks, I came across a dissertation crafted by a former Cornell Ph.D. student named Ban Hock Kevyn Yong entitled “Creativity and Social Networks: The Relational Advantage of Weak Ties.” Mr. Yong presented a study to argue that there is a more complex relationship between weak ties […]

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