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The Information Cascade of Sexual Allegations

Unfortunately in this day and age, especially this year, sexual harassment allegations are something way too familiar. We see it on the news and social media happening everywhere from work settings to college campuses. Although it seems like the rate of sexual assault has dramatically increased, this number hasn’t changed as drastic as one may […]

Social Contagion and Campaign Donations

Traag, V. A. (2016). Complex Contagion of Campaign Donations. PLoS ONE, 11(4).                                              dio:101371/journal.pone.0153539. Campaign Contributions have been at the forefront of every major political election, ever. This past election brought to light the many issues around campaign contributions, specifically the ethics behind disclosing how much money flows through Super Political Action Committees (PACs) and […]

Bitcoin Block Chain Network

I found this article very interesting: It described how the IRS was using a startup called Chainalysis to track the flow of bitcoins through the block chain. The IRS, being interested in tracking individuals’ hidden assets, clearly would like to know if someone has bitcoins but hasn’t disclosed that. Law enforcement have been attempting to do […]

The anatomy of information cascades in the classroom

This observational study analyzes how information cascades appear and evolve and what factors are relevant for the formation of cascades within a classroom through online learning platforms. This study found that students don’t prefer to share the content given to them by professors, rather they prefer to share the content they find themselves. It was […]

The rise of sexual harassment cases and information cascades

Article:   The article linked above, written by Gillian Tett, discusses the election of Donald Trump and the recent wave of sexual harassment cases. In this article, Tett, explores two factors that she believes contributed to the new surge of sexual harassment cases. These two factors, she states, are Donald Trump and information cascades […]

The Weinstein Effect as a Tipping Point

The article linked below is a conversation between NPR host Noel King and NPR writers Mary Schmich, Elizabeth Blair and Alexandra Schwartz about the recent revelations surrounding sexual assault by powerful men not necessarily in Hollywood, but across industries. “The Weinstein Effect”, as the writers have dubbed the phenomenon, refers to the growing list of […]

How social media affects tipping point

We have learned the definition of the tipping point and how marketers use that to build their strategies for success marketing. Tipping point is an important information that marketers need to see what is wrong with the current strategy and guides them to look for solutions. Any points right below tipping point will lead the […]

North Korea and Evolutionary Game Theory North Korea claims missile puts all of US in range, Financial Times Despite the fact that the United States and several neighbour countries kept making strong oppositions and warning North Korea of its possible aftermath if it continued its missile test, North Korea didn’t stop its nuclear development plan. According to the recent missile test […]

Artificial Intelligence and The Kentucky Derby

  Artificial intelligence has come to the Kentucky Derby.   According to a recent article in Forbes, the Kentucky Derby is partnering with an AI company to apply the science behind artificial intelligence to “handicap the race.” According the Forbes, the AI company correctly predicted the Superfecta outcome of last year’s Kentucky Derby, which means that […]

Preparedness for a Diseasae Outbreak

How Ready Are We for a Pandemic? We Asked an Infectious Disease Expert   This article discussed the probability of an upcoming disease outbreak. Despite countless advances in technology, we are still incredibly susceptible to diseases. Furthermore,  some technology, such as antibiotics actutally increases the probability of a disease outbreak when it is used incorrectly. Currently, […]

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