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Disinformation and Social Bot Operations in the Run Up to the 2017 French Presidential Election

Article Link: This article reports on a pattern of disinformation spread through bots on Twitter in the French 2017 election. By trying to determine which accounts were bots, patterns could be found in bot identities and behavior, leading to evidence suggesting that bots for spreading disinformation were available in a black market. In order […]

Big Data and Bayesian Methods

With the rapid growth in the field of big data, researchers often are required to process massive pools of data that are increasing at high speeds and thus require large storage and prompt decision making analyses.  Because of the speed and volume at which data is being collected and processed, researchers require algorithms and techniques […]

The Network Effect, Robotaxis, & Tesla The Network Effect, Robotaxis, & Tesla One of the most interesting technological changes that we are experiencing is the current change in transportation. For close to a century, automobiles have stayed pretty similar to its current state. There is a large amount of disruption occurring recently in the field. Companies like Tesla, Uber, Google, […]

Network Effects on the Picturephone

This academic article “Picturephone and the Information Age” goes in depth about the technological innovation released in 1964 by AT&T called the Picturephone, the first consumer product that offered live voice and video communication, and why it is deemed such a failure. Much of the article questions our notions of technological failure and criticizes the […]

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