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Cornell Provided Training Material:

Training video – training material for modifying class and club web sites.

Training video – training material for creating events.

iModules Provided Training Material:

iModules provides a training site where video training material can be viewed.

  • Recorded videos can be found on the suite of iModules products and last aprox. 20 minutes each.
    • Content Management will be helpful for maintaining web sites.
    • EMail Marketing will be helpful for managing emails
    • Events will be helpful for managing events
      • The videos are intended for a wide range of user needs/skills.  There may be some items discussed in any video that might not be appropriate for your needs.
  • Live videos can be schedules for the suite of iModule products.   This training does offer the opportunity to submit questions during training.  The training subjects rotate over a month long period.
  • Text-based documentation and community forums can be found at the main training site.



Please feel free to provide input into iModules training by sending an e-mail to Ron Babuka

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