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AAD Email Standards

May 1, 2018

Please review full standards: AAD Email Standards


In January 2017, AAD began analyzing various email data, ranging from internal surveys to email performance data to measure the volume and effectiveness of the division’s email channel. AAD recognized the opportunity to use this data to address areas of weakness and act on opportunities as identified by the analysis, as well as to inform future decisions related to the structure and direction of AAD’s email outreach..

In response to this initiative, a committee was created in September 2017 to define and implement growth strategies in the areas of email goals, email performance rates, customer journeys, message priorities, collaboration, and segment philosophy.

This committee explored a range of tactics for AAD to increase its ROI and strengthen its content strategy and engagement practices. Based on the committee’s defined goals and concepts, this Email Standard Guide has been created for AAD staff. These standards will put AAD on a path to optimize email as an engine of long- term growth while also creating efficiencies now and in the future.

The success of AAD’s email communications relies on the consistent use of best practices as well as the widespread adoption of standards and conventions by every program area. Email is not a free channel. There are real costs in staff hours and real value in email readership. When we lose email readers, we lose our ability to reach key constituents. Therefore, each program area relies on every other area to use email responsibly and effectively for the benefit of all

When we work together, we strengthen email performance for everyone.

Please review full standards: AAD Email Standards


Email template colors

Cornell Red = #b31b1b
Gray body text = #666666
Black footer = #141414

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