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Mazourek in Bon Appétit

Butternut, Honeynut, and 898 squashes.

Butternut, Honeynut, and 898 squashes.

Cornell plant breeder Michael Mazourek is featured in an article in the latest issue of Bon Appétit: Dan Barber Wants You to Eat Smarter, Waste Less, and Just Maybe Save the World.

One of Chef Barber’s suggestions is to “try a new breed.”

“Butternut, meet the Honeynut. With twice the flavor and nutrients at half the size, this new squash variety, developed by Cornell plant breeder Michael Mazourek with help from Barber himself, is not only adorable, it’s the future of produce. Heirlooms taste great but can be costly. Scientists are teaming up with chefs to develop breeds that are more efficient—and taste better, too. … The Honeynut is estimated to pack double the beta-carotene of its hefty counterpart; plus, it’s so sweet, there’s no need to add sugar or maple syrup. Look for the Honeynut on restaurant menus and in some grocery stores and at farmers’ markets. Up next? The even tinier 898 squash (it’s only 4″ tall).”

Read the whole article.

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