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Tools for Thought (Hort 6350) Organizational Meeting Aug. 27

Eureka moment

From Tom Whitlow:

Had any Eureka moments lately?

Hort 6350 Tools for Thought
1 credit S/U graduate seminar, readings and discussion
Instructor: Tom Whitlow (thw2@cornell,edu)

Ever wanted to read Kuhn or Popper (but put it off until retirement), wonder how to use neural networks to make sense of your exobytes of raw data, or get confused about a career path? If you answered yes (or no) to one of these, here is a chance to explore these and other subjects with your peers. I invite you to join a graduate discussion seminar, Tools for Thought, a weekly for-credit discussion, this fall.

We are having an organizational meeting to decide on a mutually agreeable time and place to meet at 5:00 PM this coming Wednesday, August 27 in Room 22 Plant Science. Can’t make it then? Contact me directly and I’ll make sure your availability gets consideration.

Pizza & Organizational Meeting
5:00-6:00 PM
Wednesday, August 27
Room 22 Plant Science

Claim your place in the community of science!

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