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North Street School Third Graders Visit NYSAES

Steve ReinersFrom Amanda Garris. Reposted from Station News 2013-05-23:

Last week, students from North Street Elementary School visited NYSAES to meet scientists, tour labs and greenhouses, and learn to use microscopes.

Their visit is part of a hands-on program developed by Christine Smart (Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology) and Stephen Reiners (Horticulture) to teach elementary school students about plant science.

In early May, Smart and Reiners gave the Geneva City School District’s third-graders a crash course in seed biology and helped the students sow a garden’s worth of vegetable and flower seeds.

The seedlings Reiners is showing the students in the photo (right) will be planted soon in the school’s garden, which is used as a living laboratory for district’s summer science program.

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