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Adapt-N chosen 2012 Top Product of the Year

Adapt-N — an online tool that helps precisely manage nitrogen inputs for grain, silage or sweet corn developed by a team in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences — was selected as the Best New Product of the Year 2012 by AgProfessional magazine, the leading publication related to agronomic and business management for agricultural retailers/distributors, professional farm managers and crop consultants.

Adapt-N took a huge 52 percent of the vote, and it is the first time a non-commercial organization received the award.

Harold van Es“The Adapt-N Team at Cornell University is very honored to receive the award, and it is a distinction to be the first university to receive it,” said Harold van Es (right), professor, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University. “We are very pleased with this recognition from a key group of professionals in the agricultural sector.

“The Adapt-N tool provides benefits to crop producers and can also reduce the environmental impacts of nitrogen use on corn. Such win-win approaches are most promising to enhancing the sustainability of corn production in the U.S. Therefore, having the support of agricultural consulting professionals is critical to achieving this goal.”

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