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Students lounge on the lawn in the lobby of Mann Library.

Students lounge on the lawn in the lobby of Mann Library.

Indoor lawns help students handle stress [UPI 12/5/2012] – Grass lawns brought indoors are helping Cornell students at University in New York deal with the stress of final exams. Marcia Eames-Sheavly, director of the Garden-Based Learning program, said she understands the calming allure of grass. “We know from research that time spent in nature fosters diverse facets of our well-being, from cognitive function, to lower stress levels. [Indoor lawns] are easy to create, and do not require elaborate materials.” See also Concrete Oases at The Essentials.

Sandy uprooted trees by the thousands in NY, NJ [AP 11/17/2012] – “When trees go down that have lived a long life and been so beneficial, it’s terrible when they cause injury to people and property,” said Nina Bassuk, program leader at the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University. “We have to replant better and do it smarter.” Bassuk suggests shorter trees like hawthorns and crabapples below electric wires and using CUsoil to help trees extend their roots beneath pavement to improve their balance in high winds.

Northeast sees second-driest November since 1895 [Cornell Chronicle 12/11/2012] – With an average of 1.04 inches of precipitation, the region received only 27 percent of its normal level making it the driest November was in 1917, according to Cornell’s Northeast Regional Climate Center.

Are Some Red Wines Healthier Than Others? [Prevention 12/2012] – Leroy Creasy, professor emeritus, Department of Horticulture, consistently found the highest concentrations of resveratrol in pinot noirs that had been grown in cool, rainy climates. His advice to health conscious imbibers: “Stay away from huge wineries, because their wine is made by chemists and they tend to mellow the wine out to save aging time, which reduces resveratrol. Stick to boutique wineries or traditional old-fashioned wineries, where the winemaker is not a chemical engineer.”

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