Christmas tree IPM update 1.15.20

Trying to get back in the swing of getting these announcements out more frequently.  Like New Year’s resolutions, if you do it once, it counts, right?


Michigan State is sponsoring another series of FREE webinars – all IPM topics!

If you register, you don’t have to watch the webinar at the time it is presented but can stream it on-demand afterwards.


For more information, click here.

Topics and dates:

Feb. 6: Scouting Christmas Trees: Tools for IPM
Speakers: Chloé Gendre, Club agroenvironnemental de l’Estrie, Quebec, Canada
Heidi Lindberg, Michigan State University Extension

Feb. 13: Disease Management in Christmas Trees
Speaker: Dr. Monique Sakalidis, Michigan State University

Feb. 20: Insect Management in Christmas Tree Production
Speaker: Howard Russell, Michigan State University Diagnostic Services

Feb. 27: Troubling shooting: Is it a pest?
Speaker: Dr. Bert Cregg, Michigan State Univerisity


Okay, I’ll start slow.  Wouldn’t want to sprain anything…..


Have a great week!