January 2, 2019

Greenhouse IPM update 1.2.19 When is Sevin not Sevin?

I thought this was an interesting post.



Pesticide use is becoming even more complicated.  Note that Sevin no longer contains carbaryl.  This article from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension explains the situation.

I photographed the previous and new product bottles and labels.  The bottle on the left is the previous product that contains carbaryl (100 on label) and the one on the right is the new product (500 on label).  These are completely different active ingredients, both called Sevin.

Please remind your clientele to “Read the Label” when using pesticides!




Dr. Norman C. Leppla, BCE




December 21, 2018

Christmas tree IPM update 12.21.18

Sounds like it has been a good year for most (at least those people who have told me) so I hope everyone is basking in that glow – or will be as soon as they can close!


Just to get you ready for January…. In addition to the CTFANY meetings all over the state (dates and locations below – more information soon), Michigan State is sponsoring a series of webinars on ‘What’s New in Christmas Tree Production’


January 30         Effective Nitrogen Use

February 6        Quarantine Pest Issues – Elongated hemlock scale and spotted lanternfly                     

February 13      Evaluating the performance of Turkish and Trojan Fir (CoFirGE)                   

February 20      Reducing coning in Fraser fir

February 27     Choosing Cover Crops    


CTFANY meetings  

Jan 17    Syracuse

Jan 24   RiverheadJan 30               Hudson Falls

Jan 31   Millbrook

Feb 7     Hammondsport

Feb 13   Batavia

Have a restful holiday

March 7, 2018

Greenhouse vegetable IPM update 3.7.18

I’d like to be in a warm steamy greenhouse today! My first greenhouse visit was on Monday – makes me believe spring will come!

Podcast by Jud Reid (and others) on Better Greenhouse Practices  And if you scroll down the list of podcasts there are others that might apply

Vegetable varieties with genetic resistance to insects or diseases –in Vegetable MD Online.  Not specifically aimed at greenhouse production but a good resource that Meg McGrath is keeping up!

Interesting article on the impact of entomopathogenic fungi on natural enemies 

This is pretty cool – on–site molecular detection of soil-borne pathogens. Instant verification of a disease?

In looking for information on trap cropping for cucumber beetles, I found this presentation on biological control of cuke beetles in the field.


February 24, 2018

Greenhouse Vegetable IPM update

I suspect you are all hard at it as the days warm up and we dream of eating things other than root vegetables!

e-GRO is an online source of electronic grower resources. They publish a series called Edible Alerts (but please don’t try to eat them). The most recent IPM oriented are on magnesium deficiency of hydroponic and container grown basil and pythium root rot on hydroponically grown basil and spinach (by our own Neil Mattson).

Don’t worry if you aren’t growing in containers or hydroponically, there are lots of other posts that may apply. You can find them all here.


Have a great week!