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Endorsements via Instagram Influencers

This article from the New York Times, examines the role of Instagram posts as a form of currency for those with an influential social media presence. In essence, companies strike deals with Instagram influencers in which they pay them or give them an in kind contribution, in  exchange for a post on Instagram from that […]

Page Rank in Our Everyday Lives

One of the most widely used sites in our everyday lives,, uses PageRank when it comes to their search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is defined as a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of […]

How refining advertising in Europe is sparking controversy

Link: The article focuses on the digital advertising market in Europe, and more specifically, France. It is reported that the digital advertising market in France is now at 3.5 billion euros. Perfect matching for ads has always been an issue, since the main types of ads are either impressions or clicks, and while impressions give […]

Switch to first-price auctions causing buyers to pay more, call to replace with redesigned second-price auction model

In this article, the author discusses that a recent switch from second-price auctions to first-price auctions that has recently been implemented by a lot of different groups is causing buyers to pay more for advertisements than they previously were significantly. This not a small increase in price either, but rather it has found that this […]

How Instagram is Changing Travel Advertising by Utilizing the Authority-Giving Abilities of Hubs

Link: This article explores how Instagram is changing the way that people pick and plan vacations and how the travel industry is adapting to this change.  Nowadays, many travelers design their travels around Instagram destinations or start with Instagram when looking for travel inspiration.  The curated visual nature of the content makes Instagram more like […]

Hubs and Authorities Relating Universities and Prestigious Alumni

Hubs and Authorities are present all throughout the internet.  The valuation for each is extremely important in determining the value of the content/links within.  Universities and their sites follow the same rules and valuation effects.  Prestigious schools have extremely high valuations because of the also prestigious links it holds.  For example, highly esteemed alumnus present […] recommendations and Hub-Authority Networks

The article linked below titled “Amazon’s Recommendation Secret” claims that’s (Amazon) increase in growth is due to its successful integration of recommendations on its website. To summarize their recommendation method when looking at their site: a typical user could search for a certain keyword and then a list of items will show up. In […]

Using Strongly connected components in social media This articles defines different procedures on locating a strongly connected component in a social media network. While we moved to web pages to discuss something different from social networks, in social media the same linking mechanics can happen based on users following each other, which is a one way link that can be reciprocated […]

Wisdom of Crowds Effect

Source: Purported to save travel times, the addition of a new road to an urban area would surprisingly create longer travel times. Braess’s Paradox states that when a new route to a transportation network is added, it would increase travel times. However, within the past few years, scientists have been able to provide evidence that […]

Official US Government Sites Ranked Lower than Imitator Companies by Google Search Recently, Google’s search rankings became the subject of a BBC article, specifically regarding misleading results for travel visas to the US. Some context: British travelers to the US must apply for authorization through the US Dept. of Homeland Security’s ESTA  (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). The US Government has an official website for this […]

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