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Comcast Buys Sky in a Blind, First Price Auction   In late September, Comcast successfully bought part of Sky PLC in a blind, first price auction for 38.8 billion dollars after entering into a bidding war with Fox during the preceding weeks. Though Comcast won the auction, most analysts believe that Comcast overpaid for Sky. Contributing factors may have included included the fact […]

Depop, Poshmark, and eBay as Modern Day Auctioning Platforms

Poshmark Vs. eBay Vs. Depop: The Ultimate Resale Site Showdown Resale apps Depop, Poshmark and eBay have all ebbed and flowed in popularity throughout the last decade, with all three of them offering a platform for users to find unique and vintage items sold from internet-savvy users at generally lower prices. They’ve all become a […]

Power In A Song of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire, famously translated into the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, is one of my favorite book series. The story is based heavily around the interpersonal connections between individual characters, which lends itself greatly to an analysis of a network of these characters. Much of the plot revolves around […]

Game Theory and Brett Kavanaugh One of the biggest stories that has been circulating recently involves the sexual assault allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This resulted in a hearing where both sides of the story were told, by Justice Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Although this debate mainly involved words, The Weekly Standard analyzed the situation through the […]

The Search Engine Manipulation Effect: Quantifying the Influence of Page Rankings

Relevant Articles:; At its core, the basic page rank algorithm we discussed in lecture is very simple. It’s an elegant solution to give pages scores based on how many in-links they have, find equilibrium scores among that network, and rank pages accordingly. Yet, it’s obvious that search engine optimization companies (SEO) like Google and Bing […]

Tian Ji’s Horse Racing Strategy – An Ancient Chinese Story based on Game Theory

Original post: Tian Ji’s Horse Racing (田忌赛马) is a story in one of the greatest Chinese literatures Records of the Grand Historian. The story goes like this: This guy Tian Ji and the king of the Qi Kingdom both like horse racing, and often make bets. Of course, the king of Qi has better horses, so Tian Ji […]

Braess Paradox to Explain Social Dilemmas

For this blog post, I will be writing about the academic article Using the Braess Paradox to Teach Tacit Negotiation by Ugu Merlone and Angelo Romano which was written in 2016. The article draws a parallel between the Braess Paradox in Game Theory and how people act in non-verbal social settings (aka tacit negotiations). We […]

Information Technology and its impact on Matching Markets

Article: This article explains how recent advances in information technology are developing many existing markets. In the past finding a perfect match in the market was time-consuming and difficult. People would have to wait for a taxi to drive by to get places, go to parties or some events to find a partner, go […]

Social Media in Disaster Communication This article explored how the rise of socio-technical innovations, along with social media, contributed to changes in the way the public communicates during and after a crisis. It explored these activities of the public: citizen reporting, community-oriented computing, collective intelligence, and distributed problem solving. Social media is shaping perceptions around how members of the […]

Accounting for Undesirable Sellers and Buyers in Ad Transactions

As we’ve been discussing the process of buying and selling ads on the unfathomably vast and diverse platforms of the internet, we’ve looked into ways of dealing with the complexities that the internet’s size creates for advertising. Google couldn’t possibly set a fixed price for ads because the number of calculations they’d have to run […]

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