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Information Networks in the Healthcare Industry Big data has rapidly revolutionized many industries, transforming the ways in which products and services are developed to enhance user experiences. The importance of big data in the healthcare industry, however, has yet to be tapped into. Big data can truly transform and improve the healthcare sector if utilized properly. Indeed, even at the […]

How does Game Theory Relate to Cryptocurrency?

Article link:   According to this article Cryptocurrency is highly related to game theory. As a result, a new field, named crypto economics, has been created. As its name suggests, “crypto economics a combination of cryptography, economics and game theory incentive models incorporated into distributed blockchain protocols to create a secure, stable and sustainable […]

How to Buy Christmas Presents with Nash Equilibrium

As winter approaches in Ithaca and students become more anxious about their final exams, the season of gifts approaches parents and perhaps some students. But there is always a question for at least one person they know of: do I buy presents for them? In the article “How to apply Game Theory to Buying your […]

Relevant Results: Does Liberal Media have the Google Advantage? After the 2016 election, the conversation about the prominence of “fake news” and the credibility of news outlets sparked debates and media’s growing effect of how people get their information. In late August of 2018, Trump angerly tweeted about how google has rigged the results, stating that Google pushes results from left-wing media and […]

Trolling Search Algorithms

Recently, “Wired Autocomplete” videos have become an internet trend. These videos depict celebrities revealing, and answering Google users’ most searched questions about them. When the beginning of a question is typed into the Google search bar, such as “What does Brad Pitt…”, the search engine auto-completes the phrase, and displays the most popular autocompletions in […]

Black Mirror’s “Hated in the Nation” Encompasses the Power of Networks   Black Mirror Recap: “Hated in the Nation” is a Honeycomb of Mysteries   Black Mirror is a popular show on Netflix where each episode has its own story.  There are entirely new characters each episode and a new plot.  The episode ‘Hated in the Nation’ displays the danger Social Media can introduce.   […]

Do scarcity and abundance play roles in human creativity? 

Article: The above article is entitled “Scarcity, not abundance, enhances consumer creativity, study says”. In this short synopsis, the connections between scarcity, abundance and creativity are discussed. In class we define scarcity as the one specific answer, response, or result we desire. We also define abundance as a large range of valid or relevant […]

Google’s Neural Matching Algorithm

Article:   This article, “What is Google’s Neural Matching Algorithm” was one of the most interesting articles I have ever read! More specifically, it introduces the concept of Neural Matching Algorithms or ad hoc retrieval which “contrasts with standard information retrieval (IR) systems that rely on text-based signals in conjunction with  (Page et al., […]

Braess’ Paradox in Social Networks

Article: This article touches upon how the Braess paradox is often applied to traffic problems — with traffic planners recording many examples of this paradox in cities such as Seoul, Stuttgart, New York, and London. However, the Braess paradox seems to go beyond traffic problems. In this article, the author states that research has […]

Ingredients for a Powerful Professional Network In the article “How to build a powerful professional network,” Cornett discusses the key steps and ingredients needed to build a powerful professional network and the benefits that professional relationships can have in one’s life. He begins the piece describing how important relationships are and the power of social networks. This relates to our […]

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