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The Global Friendship Network, Revised.

Singer, N., & Confessore, N. (2018, October 20). Republicans Find a Facebook Workaround: Their Own Apps. Retrieved from   Facebook has more than two billion users, and each one of these users has their own webpage. So we know the web is large. But imagine a web where every message more or less agrees with each […]

Taylor Swift Spikes Voter Registration + Game Theory Payoffs   In the CNN article “Voter Registration Reportedly Spikes after Taylor Swift Post” journalist Lisa France describes Taylor Swift political impact in the state of Tennessee after politically “coming out” as a democrat on social media. In her post, Swift writes, “I’m writing this post about the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, in […]

The Hellish Commute to New York City

When it comes to traffic congestion, New York City is one of the worst cities to commute to and from in the United States. While tourists admire the Fourth of July fireworks or explore Times Square, it is definitely not the best city for commuters. In fact, the city is not the best for commuters […]

Microsoft’s Search Rank and Yank

Source:   “I’ll Google that”– a phrase heard often throughout my life. The name “Google” was synonymous with “online search”. But did you know Microsoft’s Bing had the second largest market share for search engines in the United States? A few reasons may explain why Bing is behind and not yet synonymized. One of […]

Effects of Sponsorship, Web Site Design, and Google Ranking on the Credibility of Online Information

Article:   In this article, Axel Westerwick discusses the effects of sponsorship, website design, and Google ranking on the credibility of online information. Westerwick discovers that websites with an appealing user interface or design may be perceived as credible, compared to similar topics from sponsors with higher expertise. Furthermore, a well-designed, but less quality […]

Google’s technique in ranking sites When you make a search on google, do you ever wonder why the list of websites come up in the order that they do. This is due to Google’s search engine optimization that it is continually updating and changing. Google uses a list to rank the importance of the sites in an effort to […]

Amazon Wage Hike Aims to Secure Holiday Help in Tight Job Market The article, Amazon Wage Hike Aims to Secure Holiday Help in Tight Job Market, provides insight on the fact that Amazon has recently decided to increase their minimum pay to $15 an hour to all US workers starting November 1st and to add “100 000 temporary warehouse workers”. It also explains why they have […]

Utilizing Truthful Bidding for Cloud Computing Resource Allocation

This paper is an interesting look into how truthful bidding can help to better allocate costs and resources on cloud-based platforms. In simpler terms, it’s hard to estimate the true cost of providing a virtual resource to users from a provider’s perspective. The article proposes maximizing social welfare in a highest-bid auction, that takes in […]

Bidding on eBay When we were learning about auctions, the first thing that popped into my mind was eBay. I have used eBay a few times, but I’ve never really figured out how the bidding system worked before. This article talks about the different ways people try to use eBay. The first strategy it discusses is something […]

The Future of the World Wide Web

Released in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (WWW). The WWW was Time Berners-Lee’s vision of a global hyperlink information system, which allows people access to information from around the world. However, the WWW has become unsafe in the recent years due to information theft, fraud, espionage, and much more. Major companies are […]

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