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Auctioning off Airwaves The chosen article discusses the Italian government’s most recent sale of high-speed airwaves for $7.6 billion. This price is more than double the 2.5 million euros anticipated as the minimum target for the airwaves. This sale occurred after a two-week bidding war between companies who wanted the ability to offer 5G services (for faster […]

From Second to First: The Changing Face of Auction Dynamics   In our in class discussions of auctions, we have established that second-price auctions are the most common type of auctions seen in widespread use. Second-price auctions promote bidders to bid their “true values,” and in the ideal worlds discussed in game theory, that is the dominant strategy that holds true for all second-price, […]

Auctions for Auckland Apartments In Auckland, auctions are often held for luxury apartment complexes. These apartment complexes are often not perfect in the sense that some tend to be bigger, others tend to be really small, and one even had many leaks in the building. However, the apartments are still in high demand regardless. For example, of the […]

DSPs Preference For First Price Auction over Second Price Auction

Article: In the article To Bid or Not to Bid? That Is the Question for DSPs, Friedman points out a phenomenon that programmatic demand-side platforms (DSPs) have moved toward the era of the first-price auction from its long history of a second-price auction. Friedman believes that before, “when several DSPs bid for the same […]

Page Rank in Nintendo’s eShop web This article focuses on the gaming company Nintendo reports on its desire to increase the number of indie games that are coming to its latest system, the Nintendo Switch. Although the system’s biggest stars are still its first party games, recent trends have become increasingly focused on indie games, and Nintendo doesn’t want to […]

Bargaining Power and Wages

Recently, Amazon announced a wage increase that brought workers’ minimum wages to $15, which was seen as a big win for low-wage workers and a response to criticism of Amazon’s labor practices. However, the larger trend is of wage stagnation; real wages haven’t grown by much for workers at the bottom tier. The Economist argues […]

How to bid at furniture auctions?

This article emphasizes how simple it is to decorate on a budget. Although buying designer furniture is too expensive at a normal market, auctions allow buyers to decorate their house with designer furniture at an affordable price. Senior Auctioneer mentions that the most important thing is to buy things in good condition with minor restorable damage […]

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