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Looking for Love? Look Less, the market for mates faulty structure

With a plethora of dating options, face to face communication is not always the first medium for love. The online dating market has grown far beyond belief for the sake of both convenience and a wider array of options. However, the seemingly optimal system to bolster date life for many always lends an unfortunate consequence. […]

The Dark Side of ‘Virality’ The ideal of “going viral” seems to have taken a most important place in the minds of content producers Everyday something new goes viral, which leave people with this agony, anticipation, and eagerness in wondering by every second: “How can I be the next?” But how does this whole “viral” thing really work? And […]

College Drinking as an Epidemic Model

When college drinking culture is analyzed, it is generally noted to be destructive and characterized by binge drinking and subsequently dangerous behaviors. The emergence of this culture in the college environment is often studied and recognized as a general atmosphere, fostered by a continued excess of parties riddled with easy access to alcohol, even when […]

Information Cascade in Sexual Harassment Incidence

Article link: This article talks about how the national environment for sexual harassment has changed in recent years and the author uses information cascade to explain this phenomenon. The author talks about how recently sexual harassment scandals are consistently in people’s spotlight. Although for now it only involves people in politics and entertainment, there are […]

Power grid and cascades In the study published in IET Journals entitle “Cascading failure model in power grids using the complex network theory”, Fan Wenli et al. uncover the way in which our electric power grid is affected by and vulnerable to a cascading model diffusion within its complex network. To understand this we must first be able […]

Potential New Voting System in New Hampshire

Source:   In New Hampshire, a bill is now being proposed to switch the New Hampshire voting system to a ranked-choice system. Ellen Read, the bill’s sponsor, has pointed out that such a voting system more accurately represents the population, because it takes everybody’s preferences for every candidate into account. Read also explained that […]

Cracking the Horse Racing Code

In chapter 22, we learned that people who bet on horse racing should bet fractions of their wealth on horses based off of the probability that the horse is given to win, the house odds. This appears to be a good strategy but practically speaking we see that other strategies may be better. For instance, […]

how social media influence information cascade   This article talks about how technology and the election of Donald Trump cause waves of sexual harassment to be revealed in these days. It first raises the questions that why women had been comparably quite in the past about sexual harassment but start to reveal these scandals now, and the first reason it […]

Information Cascades in the “Trump” Stock Market

Sources: Moore, Daniel R. “Trump Pumped Market Ready To Be Dumped?” Seeking Alpha, Seeking Alpha, 16 Nov. 2017,   As discussed in class and seen in Chapter 22, the stock market is very similar to a prediction market in the following way: individuals make decisions on whether to buy or sell stocks even though the […]

How Reddit Got Popular

Reddit is a website that allows users to post links and start discussions in virtually any topic. It is currently the fifth most popular site in the United States, but it has humble beginnings. Back in 2005 when it was founded, its founders were disappointed by the lack of users and contributions, so they decided […]

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