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Information Cascades in YouTube Searching About 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Over 4 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month. With such mind blowing stats, YouTube is the obvious website of choice for many who seek to watch videos online for free. And with literally years of video on the […]

Commercial Console: Video Games and Virtual Advertising

Advertisements have been an integral component of electronic media for decades, though they are rarely associated with video games.  However, advertisements have been appearing in video games since the late 1970s and have become imbedded within the video game industry.  In-Game Advertising (IGA) has attained a much broader influence in recent years, garnering polarized opinions […]

Reconciling Gladwell’s Tipping Point with Information Cascades

The theory underlying an information cascade assumes that individuals have two broad sources of information. Private information, which is information gathered by a particular person, and information implied from the crowd. If all information is of equal weight, then two pieces of information assumed from the crowd can outweigh one piece of private information. That […]

Networks in the City of Ithaca

Networks in the City of Ithaca   As we have seen throughout the semester, networks can be applied to many facets of our daily lives, one of them being the means by which we get from place A to place B.  Of course, in today’s world, it is definitely more beneficial for one to take […]

Clothes Minded

While trends seem to happen organically, word of mouth and media marketing influence consumers. Members of the general public do not make independent consumer decisions due to exposure to similar influences, such as advertisements, magazines, and other sources that reveal the popularity of a product. Popularity arises from these sources and is propagated through the […]

A Fundamental Switch: Prisons to Deterrents

Since the mid-1900s US states have been struggling to make crime deterrents effective and prisons less necessary. The article, “How Game Theory is Reinventing Crime Fighting,” describes how to shift in mentality in Texas from erecting prisons to corrections and deterrents. The article describes how other states have followed this example and how game theory […]

Glitches to and from Information Cascades

Source:   On November 12, the New York Stock Exchange suspended trading on over 200 stocks.  This was primarily due to the failure of a web server, which made it impossible to process any orders to sell and buy stock in these different companies.  The problems first began happening Monday morning when there was a build up […]

Security and Validity of Social Networks.

Historically, as forms of technology gain more popularity and ground in the social setting, users attempt to find unintended uses for the technology for their benefit. One example of this phenomena is the rooting or jailbreaking of phone operating systems to obtain additional user accessibility and use. Nonetheless, with the growing popularity of social networking […]

How Influential Is Facebook?

With over 855 million active users, Facebook is currently one of the most influential social media sites in existence.  It’s not just individuals who can use this tool to contact and keep up with friends, but also businesses can now utilize Facebook to promote specific events and overall publicity.  However, a growing problem is the […]

Kony 2012 and Cascade Manipulation

Kony 2012 was a social media phenomenon that rose from obscurity to seemingly take over the internet in only a few days. Twitter provided a running string of compliments and promotions for this campaign, which resulted in a countrywide approval for the cause. This spread, while certainly having something to do with the content, also […]

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