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Thomas Bayes, Clean My Inbox This paper explains how Bayes’ Rule is applied in algorithms that attempt to catch spam in emails. Bayes Rule uses conditional probability to give the probably of event A occurring given that event B already occurred. For example, if I were to pick cards from a deck, I could ask what is the probability […]

LORE During the fall of 2011 a webpage called Coursekit was released to the public. This website, later to be known as LORE, is a website where a professor can manage his courses (direct competition of BlackBoard). I happened to learn about the existence of this website around October 2011, when a friend mentioned its […]

The Problem with Reactionary Investing

As we all know, the United States just finished another round of elections, including the reelection of Barack Obama as president. The economy was a dominant issue in this election and many people have speculated about the impact either candidate would have on our economic recovery and the ominous federal deficit. Of particular interest to […]

Hidden danger of crime behinds social media In class we covered the topic of social network. While many social media websites such as facebook and twitter have achieved great social and economical impacts, it also provided a new method of crime. Many enjoy the networks of college friends, work friends and family formed on these social sites, however, when these information […]

President Paul Ryan

I am writing about an article titled “What are Paul Ryan’s chances of Becoming President?”  This article was inspired by a mistake that Mitt Romney made when announcing his counterpart.  He claimed that Paul Ryan would be the next president of America instead of vice president.  This slip due to Romney’s overwhelming campaign caused Nate […]

Why We Are Still Reluctant to Switch I’ll be the first to admit it. Google is amazing. You could convince anybody to switch over to CS just by offering the perks that Google offers alone to its employees. And how many of us don’t use Chrome or google search on a daily basis? We use search, YouTube, Google Documents, GMail, and […]

Big Head vs Long Tail

Speaking of how businesses make money, people usually think of the way how traditional retail works – make the products as popular as possible. The amount of profits made by the company is measured by the amount of a number of specific products sold. For example, the record label company behind Lady Gaga is maximizing […]

How To Be A Great Sports Agent This article talks about one particular sports agent’s experiences since his first signing in 1975. He mentions that there are thousands of agents and financial planners looking to sign every rookie entering professional sports. One of the first things he does is to ask the athlete what his goals and priorities are. He then […]

Apple Maps: A Failure Explained by Network Effects

Apple’s unparalleled success in recent years has resulted in them being the most valuable company in history, with a market-cap of $620 billion dollars. The momentum began with the introduction of the iPod, and was propelled even further by their iPhone and iPad product lines, two products that arguably revolutionized modern mobile computing. Apple’s exceptional […]

Diffusion of Innovation: Female Condoms in South Africa

Amid all of the news and political activism surrounding the 2012 election, one article in the New York Times the other day stood out. This article, , discussed pending legislation in the works in California to require pornographic actors to use condoms at all times when having sex.  This change in sexual normalcy is […]

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