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Network Effects on College Decisions

Do you go to Cornell because of the strength of the program or the allure of the Ivy League diploma? When people are undergoing the process of applying to college, they are frequently faced with the dilemma of going to a prestigious university with a top-notch reputation versus going to state university that will cost […]

New Song Quickly Spreads

A new music video, It’s Thanksgiving by Nicole Westbrook, was released last week on YouTube on November 7th.  Since being released, the video has already accumulated around eight million views.  Many popular videos on YouTube have had similar growth rates, getting a million views or more per day.  This popularity can occur for various reasons.  […]

The Black Friday Prisoner’s Dilemma

Since 2005 Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the United States [3], where holiday shopper attempt to get gifts early at bargain prices. It has been customary for years for retailers to open early, but recently opening times has been taken to new extremes. It used to be customary (around 2005) for […]

Children are our Present   Traditionally, we imagine the adults of society leading the young, blazing the trail towards the future that children will follow behind. However, as the article points out, there are a number of ways in which this view is inaccurate and may even be reversing. First of all, adult behavior is (perhaps increasingly) influenced […]

War and Propaganda on Twitter

In light of the recent large-scale rocket barrages between Israel and the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has begun live-tweeting its military actions on its official Twitter IDFSpokesperson page. Since the page tweeted the assassination of Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari on November 14, it has been providing frequent updates on its actions […]

Go Greek

Roughly 30% of all Cornell undergraduate students are part of the Greek System. With 14,158 enrolled undergrads, 4,248 students are currently in a fraternity or sorority. There are many enticing reasons that would persuade a perspective rush to decide to accept a bid. These reasons include gaining a resume booster, to gain leadership experience, to […]

Amazon’s Latest Move in Tablet Market   This article discusses Amazon’s November 15th release of the Kindle Fire HD.  The move was a premature one for the company, who “want to get a jump on holiday sales”.  The Fire HD is the second generation Fire, featuring a larger screen, improved sound system and capabilities, and overall being billed as a […]

Are You Pregnant?

Delhi Charter School in Louisiana enforced a new policy that forces girls to take pregnancy tests, and kicks out any student who tested positive or refuses the test. Not surprisingly, this incited outrage within the community. The ACLU claims that this policy violates Title IX, which prohibit sex discrimination, and the Equal Protection Clause of […]

Facebook Stock Jumped 10%

A tranche of Facebook shares were made available for sale November 14, 2012. Though there were concerns that the shares would flood the market, Facebook stock rose from $20.00 to $22.36 on the 14th alone.  In addition to Facebook making more shares available in the market, its investors and employees are also selling their shares. […]

Google vs Bing

Recently there has been an ad by Microsoft Bing that frequently appear on the Internet in which it compares the search results of Google and Bing and claimed that 2/3 of the people think Bing produces better search results than Google. I became very curious about their claim and tried the experiment on Although […]

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