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Oh You Just Got Bluetooth, Now You Need NFC

NFC is a relatively new wireless technology based off the existing RFID (radio frequency identification) protocol.  It enables much of the same functionality as Bluetooth but with a few key advantages. Two of these advantages are the ability to share information without pairing devices and generally lower power consumption.  Another key point is the requirement […]

Popularity: Bringing a New Meaning to Self-Sustainable Growth

The concept of a self-sustaining idea or product, where the increased use of a product improves its quality, is extremely intriguing to me. In class, we learned about Facebook’s increasing popularity, which is due to the fact that Facebook has become incredibly useful because so many users are on it. In other words, the value […]

Lance Armstrong: Print the Legend

I’ll start with the same sentiment that ends this Grantland article, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend”, a quote from the 1962 movie “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”.  This line sort of postulates celebrity as the ultimate network effect.  Our perception of celebrities can be so influenced by their public image that […]

Neuron Rank: The Browser of the Brain

Both the brain and the internet can be represented as a graph. The nodes that compose the brain are neurons while the nodes that compose the internet are pages. The edges that compose the brain are synaptic connections while the edges that compose the internet are hyperlinks. Even more important, both the internet and the […]

Macs For the Win for College Students

Mac vs. PC. The ongoing debate about the superior computer/laptop seems to be settled for college students. Despite of many statistical data that support which is better in an area, majority of college students enter the classroom with Macs. Many articles, reviews, and statistical papers, suggest relevant evidences about which is better. Cost wise, PC […]

Bayes’ Rule and the Monty Hall Problem Estimating probabilities can be a real problem for humans. Consider the Monty Hall Problem, which has the given situation: there are three doors, with a prize randomly put behind one of them. You choose one door that you hope has the prize behind it. A door you have not chosen is open, which has […]

Iphone 5, Y U So Problematic?

According to a blog written by Edward C. Baig on USA Today, there have been numerous complaints of iphone 5. These complaints include inconvenience of the new map system, short battery life, slower wi-fi after ios 6 update, purple haze on pictures and etc. Not only there have been negative reviews of iphone 5 but […]

Bayes and the Bible After the realization of the power of Bayes’ Theorem, many people started using the theorem to predict the actual truth of data based on past results.  Using this method, one could use the verify the results of medicine and spam screenings using the success in the past.  Emails have used Bayes’ Theorem to see […]

The Use of Information Cascades in the Adoption of New Farming Techniques

DiffusionProcess In class, we discussed how a decision between Options A and B can be swayed by the opinions of close friends and family.  An individual is more likely to choose one option over another if people that he or she holds in high regard have chosen said option.  Information cascades can be used when […]

Game Theory and Network Multicasting

     In computer networking,  the traditional routing method is unicast routing. The unicast routing provides a mechanism such that each data packet is transmitted to a single user. For a small number of users, this method of data transmission is proved to be sufficient. However, for a large group of users, especially when real […]

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