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The Gap Between STEM and Humanity Degrees: An Application of Network Effects As a student at Cornell, I’ve pretty much always been set on something in the STEM field ever since high school, as a result of the environment around me. Most of my classes in high school were more geared towards the mathematics and physical sciences, and my parents were both engineers. It didn’t help […]

Obesity and Cascading Behavior In Networks This academic paper examines the data of the health and well being of 12,000 people over a period of 30 years. It carefully analyzes the social network formed by the people which the data was collected on and concludes on how this social network influences the individual people who are present in the group […]

Infected Ant Colonies Behavior Follows SIR Model to Reduce Epidemic Fatalities As discussed in class, the SIR epidemic model is one representation of tracking the transmissions of diseases by segmenting the population into three states of life: Susceptible, when an individual is at risk of contracting the disease, Infectious, when the individual carries the disease and is capable of passing the disease to other susceptible […]

Information Cascades on Facebook Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform out right now. Almost everyone I know has a facebook. One of its defining features is the way photos, videos, text, and events can be shared among countless users. This leads to viral news, videos, and photos that lead to cascades where the number of […]

E. Coli Outbreak 2018   Everyone has been talking about the recent outbreak of E. Coli infections linked to romaine lettuce. The linked article is a statement from the centers for disease control and prevention advising U.S. consumers to abstain from eating romaine lettuce. They provide clear and concise information about the outbreak, the symptoms you could experience […]

Effectively Spreading Behavior: Clusters

Link: This article from Science Magazine explores a study conducted by Damon Centola, a Sloan School of Management student who studied how fast behaviors spread in different types of networks. The study tested two different types of networks – one with a greater number of weak ties and overall connections and another network with more clusters. Ultimately, the study […]

Is China Propagating or Inhibiting Information Cascades? (fake nooz) China is well known for their extensive censoring of the internet. I thought this had interesting implications because is this considered creating an information cascade or preventing ones from happening? The article discusses how apps like WeChat, which involve large social networks, allow the government to propagate misinformation to their users. A few months […]

Strong & Weak Ties In a Soccer Club

It is important to understand the dynamics and relationships in a football club, in order to maintain stability. An excessive number of negative relationships can lead to structural imbalance, resulting in repercussions in terms of the job security of stakeholders involved. The stakeholders that we will consider in this analysis include the players, the manager, […]

Insider Trading causing Asymmetrical Markets

The resource being linked in this topic is about insider trading. This relates to the asymmetric markets we talked about in class. With the asymmetric market, there is a clear advantage to having some information that not everyone has. This can work in some markets but there is always going to be one person in […]

Decreasing emphasis on follower count on social networks In our current digital age, a lot of emphasis is placed on influencers and individuals who boast large follower counts on their social media networks. As a follower, we may receive a direct benefit by following certain individuals, whether it is to stay updated on current events or to stay on trend. At the […]

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