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E. Coli Outbreak 2018


Everyone has been talking about the recent outbreak of E. Coli infections linked to romaine lettuce. The linked article is a statement from the centers for disease control and prevention advising U.S. consumers to abstain from eating romaine lettuce. They provide clear and concise information about the outbreak, the symptoms you could experience if you ingest the E. Coli germ, the number of people affected, and how to take action if you start experiencing symptoms. This is the type of information that needs to spread far and fast to essentially every American citizen to prevent a huge outbreak of disease. I have noticed the spread of this news almost everywhere: when ordering at restaurants, in grocery stores, on the news, on the internet, even in memes. This is a perfect example of the diffusion of information.


As we have learned in class, information can spread in a lot of different ways. This real world example shows that there are so many different sources from which people can get their information from, and it definitely depends on your circumstances and who you know. For instance, a lot of college students gain this knowledge from either a public service type email from their president, their friends or on Facebook through different posts. Seniors, however, will most likely hear this information on the news or in a grocery store. It is very interesting to think about how different people get their information from different places.   


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