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Beating Bitcoin In the attached article, the author describes the utility of bitcoin and it’s lasting place in the market. The cryptocurrency continues to surge in popularity and is currently being eyed by major financial institutions. With other cryptocurrencies in existence, some wonder if the success of bitcoin will be short lived. In the article, experts […]

Information Cascade in Women’s March

In the beginning of 2017, with the inauguration of the new U.S. president, government policies established in the previous administration were being reevaluated – many of which involved social justice and human rights issues. One of the most prominent conversations that has surfaced as a result was women’s rights. In response to Trump’s election and […]

Information cascades in an artificial cultural market Computational sociologists Matthew Salganik and Duncan Watts investigated the paradox of cultural good success: that hit songs, books and movies are much more successful than average yet experts often fail to predict which ones will succeed. This suggested that the success of the hit products may not depend on the innate quality of the […]

The power of “like” This article talks about how behavior regarding social media posts is affected by a post’s current popularity. The study found that teens were more likely to like a post if it had more likes to begin with. Viewing posts with lots of likes also activates the reward system in the brain, as well as […]

The Luxury Market as the Rich Get Richer

agt57- Blog Post 3 find the article reference below here This Bloomberg article tracks the continued growth of the luxury goods market in conjunction with the rich-get-richer principle. Although the article largely focuses on the luxury automobile market, it has implications which strongly correlate with the result of preferential attachment. Preferential attachment refers to the […]

Snapchat: how so popular? How does an app go from being unknown to having over 300 million active users? As of August 2017, with over a million snaps created everyday, Snapchat tops the chart as the leading social media and networking site used by teenagers and young adults in the United States. The article enumerates some of the […]

Network Effects with Cryptocurrencies

As many of you know by now, Bitcoin has emerged as one of the world’s most widely used decentralized cryptocurrency. A decentralized cryptocurrency is a type of encrypted digital payment system in which users can exchange this virtual currency directly. The use of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies have increased rapidly over the past few years, […]

Curing the Negative Social Contagion of Low Morale

LINK: This article deals mostly with negative social contagions within the context of the work environment and how to “cure” them, or at least mitigate them. The articles outlines several situations in which negative emotions can act as a social contagion and spread out amongst the entire workforce, “Employees cry in bathroom stalls, brood […]

Social Network Startup Tsu shuts down

Spammy social network Tsu shuts down Social network startup Tsu has shut down its operations after two years due to its inability to raise further capital. As a service, Tsu eerily resembled facebook. Like facebook, users can sign up, “befriend” other users, message their friends, share status updates, and receive notifications when their friends update their […]

Bayes in Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Many events in life are better predicted when provided with evidence. These types of events follow Bayesian logic, updating the probability of a hypothesis as more information becomes available. We can break down these events, mathematically, using Bayes’ Theorem. Take a low-level, household example such as your Carbon Monoxide alarm going off. Carbon Monoxide is […]

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