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Jesus rocks #Evol2019 with his umbel-ievable presentation!

I attended my very first Evolution 2019! What a fantastic meeting full for super interesting topics ranging from the Macro to the micro. I got to put faces on the names of researcher from the literature and catch up with old friends!

In addition to all the fabulous science, the organizers and member of Evolution 2019 did a fantastic job of generating a culture of inclusivity. Safe Evolution was prominent in all aspects of the meeting, from the Safe Evolution pins, the EvoAllys and code of conduct. It was particularly inspiring that these initiatives where lead and supportive by  PIs of the community. I think many other society can learn a lot form Evolution!

But I also gave a talk! I was very nervous for it but received much positive feedback afterwards. What it below!

Many other highlights were catching up with the eFlower folks, free swag from Phyloreferencing project, the Providence Fire Fest, almost getting shot with Elizabeth Carlens pigeon gun (it didn’t work) and the Story Collider Outside the distribution!


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