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Welcome to the Specht Lab!

Tropical Ginger

The Specht Lab studies the evolution and diversification of Plant Form and Function.
We use traditional morphological and developmental techniques combined with molecular genetics, comparative genomics and evolutionary biology to study the natural diversity of plants and to help better understand the forces creating and sustaining this diversity.  Our research incorporates elements of systematics, developmental genetics and molecular evolution to study the patterns and processes associated with plant speciation and diversification.  We take advantage of living and preserved collections to advance our research in plant systematics, biogeography, and developmental evolution. Ongoing research projects include:
  • EvoDevo of floral form in the Zingiberales.
  • Systematics, evolution and diversification of Zingiberales and its component lineages (esp. Costaceae and Heliconiaceae).
  • Evolutionary History of Calochortus – systematics and gene flow.
  • Evolution of Adaptive Traits in cool monocot lineages.
  • Periodic forays into cycads and carnivores.
Check out our research pages to learn more about these projects and others, and how you can join or contribute to research in our lab!
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