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Rarity of Scale-Free Networks in the Real World It is a common assumption that most real-world networks can be approximated as scale-free – i.e. the degrees of the nodes in the graph follow a power-law distribution – but how often does this model fit in real life? The article concerns a paper ( by Anna Broido and Aaron Clauset which posits that […]

Reverse Network Effects: Why Today’s Social Networks Can Fail As They Grow Larger

In class, we learned about Network effects can affect a product. A product that gives more value to a user when it has a larger user base will have large Network effects. For example, social networks have large network effects, since people only get value from them if they know others using them as well. […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Netflix and Disney Battle Hallmark for Christmas Viewers   This article goes into detail about the competition Hallmark channel and Lifetime is facing from streaming services like Netflix, Disney plus and apple inc in the holiday movie genre. The Wall Street Journal describes how “Marathons of schmaltzy titles like “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” and “Four Christmases and a Wedding” have become a […]

DACA and TPS Recipients Protest at the Steps of the Supreme Court   This article outlines the fight that DACA and TPS recipients are putting up in response to the Trump Administration’s attempt at slowly repelling all of the protections that allowed them to stay in the United States. The article highlights that the people that are feeling the effects of these rollbacks are people who […]

Networks in the New Era of Business

Technological developments have changed the way companies need to run in order to be successful. Because of network effects, companies that are well positioned often get a larger share of the market than they would have otherwise. These, along with other factors such as the importance of security and new expectations about how companies should […]

The Scramble for the Rumble in the Tummy

This article looks to understand the current food scene. Through the analysis of these articles: For the longest time, when individuals were hungry at anytime of the day, they generally had the following options: Bring food from home Taste: The quality would probably vary Health: Depends, but there is flexibility Convenience: Takes […]

Saudi Aramco IPO and the Network Effect   Saudi Aramco’s IPO is looking to be the world’s biggest IPO, with valuations of about 1.6-1.7 trillion USD, down from the 2 trillion USD original expectation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. While originally at a 2 trillion USD valuation, the decrease in price points to the risks of investing in Saudi […]

Network Effect of Tik Tok

Tik Tok is an app that allows users to share short video clips of themselves over a large user base. If someone had asked me in January if Tik Tok was going to be a large social media platform I would have said they were crazy. The app at the time was constantly criticized and […]

False News: A Fading Novelty

Will Roth   Link: In “The Spread of True and False News Online”, researchers Soroush Vosoughi, Deb Roy, and Sinan Aral provide a brief on their research of rumor cascades on Twitter.  The researchers seek to rationalize how false news has become such a prevalent source of information through analyzing the spread of over […]

Network Effects of Drop in Prices of Black Friday Apple Products

Article: Apple Watch styles drop to $169 (record low prices); AirPods fall to $139 at Amazon With Black Friday coming up next week, Amazon has been dropping the price of Apple Watches and Apple AirPods to a new record low price.  The prices are dropping as low as $170 for an Apple Watch and […]

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